Kraudelt Specialises in Painting Brickwork

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A deliberately uneven Moroccan finish

Not everyone likes the look of stark brickwork, which is why Kraudelt Painting offers an alternative option that produces a good-looking, low maintenance paint finish. So if you have a house that is either built of brick, or has a substantial amount of brickwork below the sidings, then you might want to consider this possibility. Chances are you’ll be amazed at the transformation.

Options for Painting a Home’s Brickwork

Any type of brickwork can be painted, though most commonly it is walls that were built using commons rather than face- or rockface bricks. Commons are meant to be covered, either with some type of cladding, or rendered with a mortar mix and painted. The other types are manufactured in various colours and finishes and are intended by the brick manufacturers to be left as is. But if you buy a home with textured face-brick walls, there is nothing to stop you painting them to change the total appearance and appeal of the house.

Brick Walls May be Rendered

Kraudelt Painting does not offer a rendering service. Rendering must be done by an artisan with the proper tools, and a thorough knowledge of the correct mortar mix to be rendered. It isn’t a difficult process, but it is important for the cement, sand, lime and water mix to be prepared in the right ratios, and mixed to the right consistency. The render (or plaster) should not be thicker than 15 mm, unless it is applied in layers. In addition, it should never be applied on very hot, sunny days or it will dry out too quickly without curing properly, and then it is likely to crack.

Any good quality paint intended for exterior use may be used over rendered surfaces. The Kraudelt Painting team prefers to wait until the render has cured, which takes about 28 days. This generally ensures that any efflorescence caused by soluble salts in the mortar mix disappears. Efflorescence looks like a chalky powder on the surface, and can be brushed off. It is perfectly normal, and also commonly occurs when clay bricks are used to build walls. Paint will seal the surface, but if the newly rendered surface is painted too soon, while there is still moisture in the mortar, it can affect the paint finish.

An advantage of rendering is that you can choose the surface finish for painting, which may be smooth, stippled or uneven.

Kraudelt Painting Specialises in Bagged and Painted Brick Finishes

Kraudelt Specialises in Painting Brickwork - Bag Paint 2

A special thick paint is applied by hand with a mitt

The second paint option over brickwork we offer involves bagging with a thick proprietary paint to achieve a deliberately uneven Moroccan finish. It is best applied over brickwork that is neat and well finished, or over face brick walls. If there are gaps in the mortar joints between the bricks, the gaps will spoil the finished appearance of the painted wall. However, it may be possible to get an artisan to fill gaps with mortar or even with a filler compound. Alternatively the wall should first be rendered as described above.

Assuming the brickwork to be painted is sound, we clean the brickwork and seal it before applying two coats of paint. We use a very thick paint that must be applied by an accredited painter using a special mitt. All our team painters have been trained and have full accreditation to be able to complete the bagging and painting process.

If you’re intrigued by the possibility of painting brickwork in your house, contact Kraudelt Painting for a quotation that will be delivered to you within two business days.


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    I would like Le to know if white wash’s brick wall. There are mirrors there at the moment and only half is brick but I would like the bottom of wall painted in a dark blue colour could you do this?

    • Avatar for painting painting on 03/28/2019 at 9:40 am

      Could you please contact us through the form at and provide further details of your location and phone number so we can contact you to find out more about the wall, size and exactly what you need done.

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