Got a brick wall you want covered? Gone are the days when render was the only solution. Today, a process known as bagging can produce a high-quality, attractive, weatherproof exterior finish – all for a fraction of the price.

Brick Wall Bagging Services Brisbane & Gold Coast

Our specialist wall bagging process

Traditional bagging is achieved using a messy sand and cement mortar mix that coats the entire surface of the brick or block wall. While this does achieve an earthy look, it comes with a whole host of potential issues.

The last thing you want is to invest in an exterior finish that’ll only cause more problems further down the track. So, we re-invented the bagging process.

Applied with a special bagging mitt or brush, we use a top-quality acrylic texture coating for a long-lasting finish that softens the lines between your bricks or concrete blocks. We can finish your bagging off with a smooth modern finish or apply a thick paint product to create a Moroccan-style effect.

What’s more, our painters have an industry accreditation to apply, bag, and paint walls.

The high-quality bagging products we use

We use a Mediterranean bag and paint product that produces an attractive, versatile textured surface with a light relief. The products we use are ideal for the Queensland climate, because they are resistant to the following:

  • Heat, even the extreme QLD summer sun
  • Water, making it perfect for the downpours we experience
  • Salt, ideal for coastal homes

That means no cracking, flaking, or chalking.

Before and after: brick wall bagging

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