Transform your home with the help of a colour consultant

The colour scheme you choose will have a big impact on your painting project.

It’s important to choose the right colours for your spaces, for the impression you want to create, and that work well together.  Not all colours complement each other.

That’s why we offer a free professional colour consultancy service for clients undertaking major transformations.

At the end of the day, your satisfaction is our top priority – which is why we are happy to go above and beyond to make that happen.

Colour Consultant Brisbane & Gold Coast

The impact of colour

Colour has a massive impact on the interior and exterior of your home. Some colours evoke warmth and create a traditional impression; others promote a sense of contemporary starkness resulting in a clean and modern finish. Not only that, colour will influence how spacious or cramped your room feels.

Colour can also determine how much upkeep will be required on your exterior.

Choosing the perfect colour for your interior

Did you know that darker colours, which absorb light, can make a room feel smaller? Alternatively, light, bright colours, which reflect light, can make a room feel bigger.  However, depending on the height of your ceilings, the size of the room, and the atmosphere you are wanting to create, sometimes dark colours are the perfect choice.

With the help of our colour consultants, you can select a light neutral that looks great (we have plenty of experience with shades of white – 90 percent of our clients opt for white), or use a darker, warmer colour to create a cosy, rather than cramped, atmosphere.

Choosing the perfect colour for your exterior

What style of home do you have? Are you striving to create a modern or traditional look? Do you have trims or fences that require an accent colour? Does your exterior include textured features, such as brick or timber?

These questions are vital when choosing the perfect colours for your exterior, and our colour consultants will ensure you select a palette that ticks all the boxes.

Our colour consultancy service

Our professional colour consultant is offered free to most clients. If you’re not sure which colours to select, we highly recommend taking advantage of this important service.

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