Paint Colour Trends by Kraudelt Painting Brisbane

Like fashion and music, interior design trends come and go year after year. Breathe new life into your Brisbane home this year with a fresh coat of paint. Check out our paint colour trends list for timeless options.

These striking palettes – put together by Dulux – are expertly curated, and add a sense of sophistication and cohesiveness to any indoor space.

Let’s get right to it.

1. Warm, earthy colours

2018 Colour Trends

Earthy tones are here to stay. Think warm ambers, rusts, and coppers, deep neutrals, sand, and stony hues. Add a contemporary twist to this classic combo by adding a splash of dull blue, violet, or herbal green.

Earthy tones are ideal for the whole home, and create a cosy atmosphere while uplifting spirits and spreading positive vibes.

Check out the complete palette here.

2. Contemporary neutrals

2018 Colour Trends

Keep calm and stick with neutrals. This year, this timeless palette gets a modern makeover with soft greys, deeper biscuits, and subtle blues. Complete the look with warm-toned aged leather, floaty textiles, and natural wood.

Perfect for small spaces, contemporary neutrals are soothing and nurturing. They create a sophisticated yet restful atmosphere, and make the ideal backdrop for bold décor and interesting architectural features.

Check out the complete palette here.

3. Tropical hues

2018 Colour Trends

Escape to a tropical paradise, and transform your home with saturated blues and fun pops of pink. Inspired by the natural beauty of the beach, this bold palette is toned down by dusky mints and greys.

A great choice for living rooms and kids’ bedrooms, tropical hues add energy and excitement to any space.

Check out the complete palette here.

4. Jewel tones

2018 Colour Trends

Opulence and elegance are key to this classy jewel toned palette. Experiment with darker greys, rich magentas, beetle greens, and rosy crimsons.

Best suited to larger spaces, jewel tones pair perfectly with gold, brass, and other metallic materials, as well as textured fabrics, such as velvet.

Check out the full palette here.

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