queenslander house interior

A Guide to Painting Your Queenslander House Interior

Nothing quite makes a statement about historical Queensland architecture than that of the classic Queenslander home, but your home needs to be regularly maintained. This article focuses on the Queenslander house interior and preparing your home for painting.

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Bathroom feature wall

Transform Your Home with a Feature Wall: Creative Ideas and Techniques for Accent Walls

A feature wall or accent wall can add detail to your home, showcasing different areas and introducing a pop of colour to style your home uniquely. Including a well-designed feature wall adds impact and interest, and as it involves only one wall, this can be a cost-effective way of updating your home. This article looks…

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Choose paint colours for your home interior

How to Choose Paint Colours for Your Home Interior

The interior of your home needs to be a comfortable, happy place and there’s a lot that goes into making that happen. Learn more about on choosing paint colours for your home interior.

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painting a bathroom

5 Things You Need to Know Before Painting a Bathroom

Painting a bathroom is a bit different from painting the other rooms in your house, for a few obvious reasons. Bathrooms are wet, humid areas that see a lot of heavy use day in, day out, and have fixed wall objects that need to be carefully painted around. If you’re considering painting a bathroom, here’s…

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painting bricks

The Insider’s Guide to Painting Bricks Indoors

Brick interiors can be polarising – some people love them, while others hate them. If you’re stuck living with a tired, dated and unappealing brick interior wall or fireplace, don’t be so quick to demolish it – painting bricks is a great way to not only freshen them up, but to also find love for…

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painting timber interiors

The How-to-Guide for Painting Timber Interiors

Timber can be a great accent feature in your home, but too much of it can make your house feel dim, dated and closed in. Removing these features can be costly, but painting timber – whether it be ceiling beams, wall panels, timber veneer or staircases – can be a great way to instantly and…

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Everything you need to know on how to paint a ceiling

Everything You Need to Know on How to Paint a Ceiling

Nothing brightens and refreshes a room quite like a fresh coat of paint on the ceiling, and we’ve got some handy tips on how to paint a ceiling like a professional. Don’t leave your ceilings in the too hard basket – provided you prep well first, painting them is actually a pretty straightforward job. Things…

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paint over wallpaper

Brisbane Painting Experts: Should You Paint Over Wallpaper?

Not really feeling the vibes from the current wallpaper covering your walls? Wondering if you could paint over wallpaper? The good news is, painting over wallpaper can be a viable option. But is it the right choice for your situation? Our Brisbane painting experts weigh in, offering crucial preparation steps to ensure a successful and…

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Queenslander interior colour schemes

Queenslander interior colour schemes

If you’ve ever taken a drive down Brisbane’s wide, tree-lined streets, you know first-hand just how spectacular a Queenslander home can be. Set up high and adored with Federation-style details, they are as pretty as dolls’ houses. Step inside, and you’ll be met with soaring ceilings, picture rails, decorative cornices, and iconic VJ walls.  If…

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kitchen painting tips

3 kitchen painting tips

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s so important to keep the area looking fresh and feeling welcoming. A new coat of paint can help you achieve exactly that. Before you jump in and paint your kitchen, remember the kitchen is a unique room in the home with its own unique requirements. In…

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