Environmental safety

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Can I paint my house in the rain?

It’s been a rainy start to the season here in South-East Queensland. All this wet weather has people asking, “Can I paint my house in the rain?” The answer to this common question depends on your climate, how much rain, and whether you plan on painting the interior or exterior of your home. Let’s have…

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dispose of paint responsibly

How to Dispose of Paint Responsibly

There’s no question – you must dispose of paint responsibly. Paint contains hazardous chemicals that can seriously damage our environment. Mindful disposal of paint isn’t difficult, and will help keep your local waterways, plants, and animals healthy and happy. Water-Based Paint Disposal If you’ve got excess latex, acrylic, or water-based paint, there are four things…

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painting scaffold

Safety When Painting

Whether you are doing your own painting or employing reliable painters to paint your home for you, it is essential to be aware of safety issues. These range from fumes from cleaning and paint products to hazards that might cause an accident. Of course, as professional painters, we take all necessary precautions to avoid any…

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