How to remove scuff marks on walls

How to Remove Scuff Marks on Walls

There are few things in life more satisfying than a fresh, clean, perfectly painted white wall – that is, until it becomes scuffed. Scuff marks can find their way onto just about any surface in your home, including your floors and walls. Friction is the culprit, and it’s things like shoes and furniture rubbing against…

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How to clean paintbrushes and rollers - pb

How to clean paintbrushes and rollers

Just finished a paint job? It’s now time to pack up, clean up, and enjoy your refreshed home. Cleaning your paintbrushes and rollers is one very important part of the clean-up process. In this article, we’ll go over the best ways to get your painting tools paint-free and ready to store. Let’s get right to…

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stains from walls

How to remove 4 common stains from your walls

Are your walls marked and stained from a few years of wear-and-tear? In this article, we’ll share with you a few ways to remove four of the most common stains found on household walls. With a little patience and our guide to removing stubborn stains from walls, you could get your interior looking as good…

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How to Paint Over Water Stains - Water Damage 1

How to Paint Over Water Stains

Are you looking to paint over a nasty water stain on your wall or ceiling? Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as slapping on a coat of paint. Water stains have a tendency to seep through – no matter how many layers of paint you apply. In this article, we’ll share with you how to paint…

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How to Remove Paint Stains from Carpet - 24825059 s

How to Remove Paint Stains from Carpet

Interior painting can be a messy business. There’s nothing more frustrating than admiring a fresh paint job only to spot a paint stain on the carpet. The good news is there are a few tricks you can use to remove paint stains from carpet, regardless of whether you have used water, latex or oil-based paint.…

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How to Maintain a Deck in 5 Steps - deck 1b thumb

How to Maintain a Deck in 5 Steps

The deck is an essential part of family life in summer, especially in sunny Queensland. What’s the best way to maintain a deck so you can make the most of your home’s outdoor space? Step 1: Sweep Regularly Use a stiff broom to sweep the entire deck. This will remove dirt, caked on mud, and…

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dispose of paint responsibly

How to Dispose of Paint Responsibly

There’s no question – you must dispose of paint responsibly. Paint contains hazardous chemicals that can seriously damage our environment. Mindful disposal of paint isn’t difficult, and will help keep your local waterways, plants, and animals healthy and happy. Water-Based Paint Disposal If you’ve got excess latex, acrylic, or water-based paint, there are four things…

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Brisbane Painter’s Guide: Cleaning Up After Interior Painting - interior painting

Brisbane Painter’s Guide: Cleaning Up After Interior Painting

You’ve finished interior painting, and it looks great! But you notice a few specks (or a lot) of paint on your furniture, clothing, windows, and even skin. We have put together a Brisbane Painter’s Guide to Cleanup after a tedious paint project. Cleaning up after interior painting is very important, but can be tricky. Here’s…

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dark walls

Paint Preparation for Painting Over Dark Walls

Thinking of painting a dark wall with a light white or pastel colour? Unfortunately, this can be difficult. Dark wall paint has a tendency to show through lighter paint, and this can alter the tone and hue of your new colour. Patience and proper paint preparation will ensure the lighter paint shows up true to…

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How To Clean Painted Walls - crayon 300x235

How To Clean Painted Walls

Whether you’re getting ready for an interior paint job, or giving your home a deep clean, getting all the marks off your walls can be a challenge. Here are a few tips on how to clean painted walls effectively. Different stains require different treatments, so we’ve listed some of the most common stains, and easy,…

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