3 Unique Paint Techniques that Transform Any Room

Tired of blank walls? Sick of solid colour? Looking for something a little bit different? Something unique?

If you are ready to get experimental with your home’s interior, you’re in the right place. There are a whole host of interesting paint techniques circulating the web, and we’ve chosen our favourite three.

striped paintPaint Technique 1: Classic Stripe

Stripes are classic, chic, and contemporary. When used in interior design, they are simple and elegant, yet playful and unexpected. Adding a stripe paint technique to your kitchen, living room, or even bedroom will give the space a casual sophistication.

There are a few options when it comes to stripes: vertical, horizontal, thin, and thick. Vertical stripes will make a space appear taller, whereas horizontal stripes will make a space appear wider. Thin stripes can be overwhelming, and are a lot more difficult to pull off. We suggest opting for a thicker stripe.

The next challenge: getting the lines straight and crisp. The solution is simple. Masking tape and a spirit level. Apply the tape in a long, straight strip across the wall. When painting, extend the paint over the tape slightly. This will ensure a clean edge. Do not remove the tape until the paint has dried completely.

ombre paintPaint Technique 2: On-Trend Ombre

From your hair to your clothes, and now your house, the trend of ombre has taken the world of fashion and design by storm.

Ombre is a fantastic way to add bright colour to a room without committing fully. It’s much subtler than a feature wall, and adds playfulness to any space. Opt for ombre if you are keen to include a pop of bright pink, poppy orange, or teal to your interior.

Creating an ombre effect is a bit more involved. Once you have decided on a colour, you’ll need to purchase it, plus a few shades either darker or lighter. Then, starting with either the lightest or darkest colour, create a fade.

If that sounds way too fussy for you, keep in mind that a more abstract approach to ombre is also an option. A perfect gradient is not always necessary.

stencilled paintPaint Technique 3: Stylish Stencilling

Stencilling has come a long way over the years – this paint technique is no longer reserved for tacky restaurants and themed hotels.

Modern stencilling can add depth and interest to blank walls, while using up any leftover paint. Geometric patterns in neutral colours are perfect for the bedroom, dining room, and even bathroom. Stencilling is also a fantastic option for kids’ rooms. The possibilities are endless.

You can try your hand at creating a stencil out of cardboard, or purchase one online. A quick browse through Instagram and Pinterest should give you all the inspiration you need to transform your space with paint.

Hire Professional Painters

Having a great idea is one thing; executing it is another. If you want to experiment with one of these paint techniques, but don’t have the skills or equipment necessary to pull it off, get in contact. Call the team at Kraudelt Painting on 07 3829 5735 or fill out the form on this page.

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