4 Fun Things to do with Leftover Paint

Have you just had your home painted? Looking for ways to use up leftover paint? Try out one of these four fun ideas.

Use a Stencil1. Use a Stencil

Stencils add interest to a space, and come in a host of different sizes and designs, from delicate floral patterns to bold geometric designs. You can purchase wall stencils at some specialty hardware stores or online, and paint them yourself. We stenciling a wardrobe, a chest of drawers, or even a piece of plywood and then framing it to become your signature artwork piece!

2. Upcycle Old Furniture

Transform your old furniture with leftover paint. Repaint chipped and scratched second-hand pieces, or add an accent colour to an old favourite. Even repainting handles on a dresser, or legs on a table can make a big difference.

Feature Wall

A feature wall we painted in 2014

3. Create a Feature Wall

If your leftover paint is in a bright hue, why not create a feature wall? Feature walls add a pop of colour, and can make a room look fresh and modern. It can be a bit tricky to paint using a bright colour, so give us a call on 07 3826 5735 and we can do it for you.

4. DIY Gifts

Use your leftover paint to create great Christmas ideas…

  • DIY GiftHand paint a terracotta pot and when dry, add a base of gravel and then potting mix and plant a succulent or cactus. We recommend using a primer on the pot first as terracotta is quite porous.
  • Prime then paint a wooden picture frame and insert a fun family photo. Do several and make a collage.
  • Grab some inexpensive wooden Christmas decoration cutouts from your local craft shop and paint them up in bright colours and string them up on your deck, your garden or on your tree.

What about Storing Leftover Paint?

If you’re looking to store leftover paint and save it for future touch-ups, check out our article Storing and Using Leftover Paint for full details on how to properly store paint, how to use old paint, and how to dispose of paint safely.

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  1. Avatar for Rhoda Rhoda on 03/04/2016 at 11:55 pm


    I am interested in the stencil designs. Could you give me a list of hardware stores or websites where I can purchase them. I have an old table id like to sand back & repaint. Thank you

    • Avatar for Rhoda Rhoda on 03/04/2016 at 11:57 pm

      Forgot to mention i live in Corinda. If there are any hardware stores near me.

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