5 Must-Have Paint Tools for DIY

5 Must-Have Paint Tools for DIY - pexels photo 94664Is your home in need of a refresh? Maybe you’ve decided to take the DIY route and paint a few rooms – or even your entire home – by yourself. You’re going to need a long list of tools, paints, and other accessories to get the job done to an acceptable standard.

In this article, we’ll list the top 5 must-have paint tools for DIY painting projects. Without these, the painting process will be a lot harder and take a lot longer.

1. Paint Brushes Big and Small

Of course, you can’t complete a painting project without paint brushes! We suggest investing in a variety of brushes big and small – you’ll struggle to neatly cut corners with a huge brush, and it will take hours to paint a large surface with a small brush.

Size isn’t everything – the quality of your brushes will also impact the end result. Poor quality brushes tend to shed their bristles and create streaks, leaving little bumps and lumps in your otherwise smooth paint. Good quality brushes may cost more, but they will result in a far more attractive appearance.

2. Top Quality Paint Rollers

Painter rollers are an absolute must, especially if you plan to paint a few rooms. Paint rollers save a ton of time, and create a super smooth, seamless finish.

We always advise to buy the very best paint roller you can. Again, poor quality rollers will shed their tiny fibers, sabotaging your painting project.

painters tape3. Blue Painter’s Tape

Painter’s tape will help you achieve clean, straight edges. Without it, you could end up with wonky edges and paint where it shouldn’t be. Painter’s tape is fairly inexpensive, so go ahead and pick up a roll or two before you start painting.

4. A Strong Aluminum Bench

This one’s for those of you looking to take on a fairly large painting project – maybe a few rooms, the whole interior, or even the exterior of your home. An aluminum bench can serve a number of really useful purposes:

  • A bench/table for mixing paint, laying out your tools, preparing paint etc. You don’t have to worry if it gets paint on it, and because it’s super sturdy, there’s minimal chance of paint spillage.
  • A step to stand on if you need extra height when painting. Aluminum benches are really strong, making it easy to balance.
  • A place to sit and rest. Painting can be tiring, and when your clothes are covered in paint, it can be difficult to find somewhere to take a breather.

5. A Metal Paint Tray with Hooks

If you’re planning on paint up high – whether that be the ceiling, really high walls, or the exterior of your home – you need a metal paint tray with hooking legs. These legs allow you to attach the paint tray to your ladder, so you don’t need to go up and down to reload your roller.

For safety purposes, it isn’t a great idea to create a makeshift solution to this problem. Please do not balance your paint trays on the edge of a bookcase, on your fridge, or on some other precarious surface.

Forget DIY, Call the Professionals

Sometimes we set out to do a DIY project only to find halfway down the track it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Skip the headaches and call in the professional team at Kraudelt Painting. Phone us today on 07 3829 5735 or fill out the form on this page and we’ll get right back to you.

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