7 Maintenance Tips To Get Your Home Ready for Summer

maintenance tips

It’s almost summer here in Queensland, and that means the entertaining season is upon us. Now’s the time to get your home looking the part. To help you kick-start your summer refresh, here are 7 helpful home maintenance tips. Let’s jump right into it.

1. Declutter

Isn’t it amazing how quickly your home can get cluttered with stuff? From kids’ toys to throw cushions and everything in between, too many things can soon become overwhelming. That’s why we suggest making a good declutter a key part of your home refresh strategy.

After you’ve sorted your belongings, make sure you donate anything that’s still in good condition to your local charity shop. And, recycle as much as you can to ensure nothing goes to waste.

2. Add some greenery to your interior

7 helpful home maintenance tips

Bring the outdoors in this summer with indoor plants. A splash of green freshens any interior space – whether that’s the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and even the bathroom. Experiment with larger plants in floor pots, hanging plants, and smaller succulents and cacti.  Indoor plants also help absorb odours and chemicals in the air from air-fresheners and cleaning sprays.

3. Pack away your winter clothes

In line with decluttering your home, take the time to pack away winter clothes. Put coats, jumpers, and other winter warmers into suitcases or even plastic bags and store away. This will make room for your summer clothes while ensuring your wardrobe isn’t bursting at its seams.

4. Embrace natural lighting

7 helpful home maintenance tips

This time of year, switch off the lamps and overhead lights and open the curtains and blinds to let that bright summer sun in. Turning off your lights will decrease your electricity bills and keep temperatures down – it’s a win-win.

If your indoor space still isn’t bright enough, consider lightening your walls. A light colour on the walls will make a space feel larger and more open. Plus, white reflects – rather than absorbs – sunlight, giving you yet another reason to switch off the lights.

5. Repair fly screens

Mosquitoes and other summertime insects seem to creep in even the smallest tears in your fly screen. If you plan on keeping the windows open this summer, it’s a good idea to repair any rips as soon as possible.

6. Refresh your outdoor entertaining area

7 helpful home maintenance tips

If your outdoor entertaining space has not been used for awhile, , you may have a bit of maintenance to do before the first summer barbeque. Decks may need to be cleaned and stained or painted, which can be a big job. If your deck is looking dry and unpleasant, get in contact, and we can get it looking in tip-top shape.

We also suggest inspecting outdoor furniture for mould and other water and weather damage. You may need to clean or replace textile-based furnishing and stain timber furnishings.

7. Fix up your swimming pool

Have you neglected your swimming pool over the cooler months? It may need some TLC to get it ready for eager swimmers. Pool maintenance may include scooping out leaves and dead bugs, putting the pool cleaner on a timer, and rebalancing the pH levels.

Need help prepping your home for summer?

Whether it’s a fresh coat of painting in your living room or a new stain of your deck, Kraudelt Painting can help get your home looking its best for this summer. Call us on 07 3829 5735 or fill out the form on this page and we’ll be in contact soon.

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