3 Bathroom Colour Schemes That Never Go Out of Style

Brisbane Bathroom Colour Schemes

Between showering, brushing our teeth, and putting on our makeup, we spend hours and hours every week in our bathrooms. So, it’s worth your while to make your bathroom a warm and welcoming space. Here at Kraudelt Painting, we've been serving the Brisbane area for many years, transforming bathrooms with beautiful, timeless colours. We’ve put together three classic Brisbane bathroom colour schemes that never go out of style.

Black and white bathroom colour scheme

A black and white bathroom is classic and timeless. Where a sleek, crisp white brightens, a strong black adds depth and interest.

Perfect for: A black and white bathroom is traditional by nature, harking back to Victorian-era architecture and design. Black and white lends itself perfectly to a stunning Queenslander or even Hamptons-inspired home.

Pro tips:

  • Black is an intense colour that can overwhelm a space, especially a smaller room like a bathroom. Create harmony by painting the walls white and using mostly white tiles. Incorporate black through feature tiles and cabinetry.
  • For a modern take on this tried-and-true colour scheme, swap out piano black for a deep charcoal grey.
  • When choosing a white paint colour, opt for a warm-toned white. Cool whites can appear cold and clinical when positioned beside black. Fair Bianca Half from Dulux is a great option.

Grey bathroom colour scheme

grey bathroom colour schemes

Interior designers have had a love affair with grey colour schemes for years now. Grey bathrooms are a cool, chic take on a classic neutral.

Perfect for: Grey is extremely versatile, and a grey bathroom is just as at home in a streamlined, modern new-build as in a 100-year-old Queenslander. Depending on your tile choices and fixtures, grey can appear sleek and contemporary or traditional and full of character.

Pro tips:

  • Just like white, grey paint colours can be warm- or cool-toned. In a traditional home, opt for a warm-toned grey. In a modern home, opt for a cool-toned grey.
  • Grey loves light. Where possible, maximise natural light.

Blue bathroom colour schemes

blue bathroom green bathroom colour schemes

Bright, calming, and joyful, blue has long been a favourite hue for bathrooms. Whether you’re redecorating the family bathroom or creating a peaceful parents’ sanctuary, put blue tones on your radar.

Perfect for: You can take a blue bathroom one of two ways. First, you can go for bright, bold hues – think turquoise, aqua, and sky blue. This palette is ideal for a contemporary home. Second, you can go for calming pastels or steely grey blues. These softer, more muted tones work in modern homes but are also well-suited to traditional properties.

Pro tips:

  • Blue makes a statement. If you’ve chosen a bright feature tile, keep the walls neutral. Blue and white is a classic combination.
  • Deciding on a bathroom colour scheme doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Keep the tiles and walls white, adding splashes of blue using accessories – like hand towels and plant pots.

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