Before and After: Repainting a Commercial Building

We recently had the pleasure of repainting a commercial building for client DIY Tiles in Murarrie. The transformation was incredible, so we thought we’d share the details.

Why the Commercial Building Needed Repainting

Here’s the before image:

Before painting the Commercial Building

The building needed a repaint to keep it looking fresh and modern.

Here are a few reasons this building and other commercial buildings may require a repaint:

  • The current paint job isn’t sending the right message. Exteriors are all about creating a first impression – you want to show your business is up-to-date. If you have peeling or stained paint, potential customers might assume the worst!
  • Your building gets tons of exposure to sunlight. Sunlight can fade and damage your paint, and buildings in extreme sunlight will need to be painted more often, about every two years.
  • The colour doesn’t suit the purpose of your building. Perhaps you own an industrial building that houses multiple businesses. If your building is painted red, it may not match some business’s brand colours. We suggest opting for a neutral colour scheme.

Choosing a Colour for a Commercial Building

And here’s the after image:

After painting the commercial building

What a difference the colour change has made. The building looks clean, modern and professional, and the darker hue brings out the aluminum window frames.

Our colour consultant visited the site and worked with the owner to decide on a colour. Initially, the owner wanted to go for three colours, but because the building is quite striking, and features large areas of glass, the consultant suggested sticking with just one.

They decided on Dulux Weathershield, a stunning dark grey that helps differentiate the building from its surroundings. This particular shade has a Dulux Commercial Guarantee, which means it won’t peel, flake or blister for 15 years. Amazing.

Professional Painters for Commercial Buildings

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