Blue in Interior Design: The World’s Favourite Colour

Blue in Interior Design: The World’s Favourite Colour - Screen Shot 2017 04 25 at 5.01.23 pm e1493165566731Did you know that the most popular ‘favourite colour’ around the globe is blue?

Whether it’s the colour of the sky on a hot summer’s day, the Pacific Ocean stretching out over the horizon, or the crystal-clear blue of someone’s eyes, blue is just about everywhere.

Blue in Interior Design

How can you incorporate blue in interior design?

Let’s have a look at five ways you can utilise the psychological effects of beautiful blue to set the mood of your home.

1. Blue in the Home Office or Study Space

Amazingly, some studies suggest that blue can improve concentration and increase productivity. If you are redoing your home office or your child’s study space, consider adding an uplifting blue feature wall, hanging some blue-toned artworks, or opting for cool blue window coverings.

2. Blue in the Bedroom

When we stare out into the ocean or up at the sky, we feel calm and quiet. Blue is a naturally soothing colour, so it’s a fantastic choice for bedroom décor or wall paint. Soft blues can help you relax and switch off after a long day.

Blue in Interior Design3. Blue in the Bathroom

As we just mentioned, blue promotes calmness. If you’re the type of person who looks forward to a hot bath or shower at the end of the day, adding a hint of blue to your bathroom’s interior design can help you de-stress and unwind.

4. Blue in Children’s’ Bedrooms and Play Rooms

Blue is a non-threating colour, and it calms and cools rather than energises. A light blue ceiling may relax a child who struggles to get to sleep, and a blue feature wall can help a distracted child focus and get their homework done.

5. Blue in Small Rooms

If you have a room in your home that’s particularly small or cramped, try out a cool-toned, almost icy blue colour on the walls. This colour reflects – rather than absorbs – light, making the space appear bigger than it actually is. Double up on light reflection by hanging a large mirror.

Where NOT to Use Blue in Your Home

Blue is a popular colour that offers many calming and soothing benefits. That being said, blue isn’t the best colour to use in the kitchen or dining room. Believe it or not, blue is one of the least appetizing colours. The hue rarely occurs naturally in foods, and when it does, it often comes in the form of mould or rot. If you want your family and guests to enjoy their food without any disturbances, go for a warm-toned colour in the kitchen and dining room.

Get Your Home Painted

Whether you want blue walls or not, a professional paint job can make all the difference to the look and feel of your home. If you’d like a fast and accurate quote, get in contact with the friendly team at Kraudelt Painting on 07 3829 5735 or fill out the form on this page.

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