How Brisbane Home Painters Work With the Weather

As Brisbane home painters, we are often at the mercy of extreme weather conditions, which can affect paint drying time and finishes.

Manufacturers of the quality paints that we use  provide recommendations on the paint tins for things like: 

  • minimum and maximum painting temperatures
  • drying times under varying conditions
  • how long you need to wait until you can re-coat

Working outside these parameters may cause problems in the short and long term, so we always abide by their suggestions.  In general, if it's wet and/or cold, paint will dry more slowly creating an uneven finish. If it's excessively hot or dry can make the paint tricky to apply and may cause excessive brush marks and blistering.

Painting Indoors

It is easier to control indoor climate conditions, so switching on fans when it's hot, or placing a heater in the centre of the room when it's cold helps to dry paint in the required time and at the right temperature.   A dehumidifier can be used in extremely humid conditions.

Painting Outdoors

Exterior walls are hotter or colder to the touch than interior walls, so these drying times are the most extreme.

Under winter conditions, we try and work when the temperatures are going be in the suggested range for 48 hours after the job has been finished to give the paint film the best chance of forming properly.  If film doesn't form properly it can result in problems like shorter paint life expectancy, mildew growth and blistering.

Extremely high temperatures may cause the paint to dry before it has had a chance to properly bond to the surface, causing it to peel in the future. It is also best to avoid painting in direct sunlight during summer because it can cause the paint may to dry too quickly, leaving unsightly brush marks and possibly blistering.

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How Brisbane Home Painters Work With the Weather - blistering

Paint blistering from trapped moisture

If  it has  rained, we prefer to wait until the surface has dried before painting it. Drying time varies for different surfaces, because bricks, cement and wood absorb more moisture than a metal surface.

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