Does Changing the Wall Colour in your Retail Outlet Affect Sales?

Did you know that a customer makes a judgment about your retail environment and products in the first 90 seconds? What if I told you that studies have proved up to 90% of this judgment is based on colour? Many researches show that wall colour in retail stores influences a shopper's buying decision.

But wait, there’s more. Experiments have shown that 52% of shoppers will not go back to a retail outlet that they found aesthetically unappealing, and a huge 93% of decisions to purchase are based on visual appearance.

So, what makes colour in retail so powerful, and how can you use that power to increase sales?

The Power of Colour

Here’s a great story. Many years ago, Heinz decided to experiment with the colour of their infamous tomato ketchup label. They changed the green label to red. In the first 7 months, they sold over 10 million bottles, and made over $23 million in sales. That was the largest leap in sales profits in the brand’s history.

Colour evokes emotion, and red is the most effective colour at grabbing shopper’s attention. You don’t often see a brown SALE sign, do you?

Colour also evokes mood and can subconsciously attract or repel.

Males and females are drawn to different hues, as are adults and teenagers, fitness lovers and tech nuts, foodies and sports fans. Here are a few general rules:

  • Women are most attracted to lighter, airier colours, including pale blue, soft purple, and fresh green. Women are not drawn to deep browns or dark greys.
  • Men are most attracted to strong, bold colours, such as navy blue, forest green, and grey. Men are not drawn to colours they perceive to be feminine. You don’t ever see a menswear shop painted pink.
  • Children are attracted to bright colours, such as sunshine yellow, red, and sky blue.

The Power of Colour in Action

Not long ago, we had the absolute pleasure of repainting the LululemonAthletica shop in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. Here’s the before and after.



The owners went for a clean, muted purple grey (Dulux Pelaco), which ties in perfectly with the natural colour scheme of their clothing and accessories. Lululemon is a brand predominantly aimed at women interested in fitness, so you can see why they opted for this feminine neutral.

Use Colour to Increase Sales

Like we mentioned earlier, colour is the number one aesthetic factor that determines whether or not a product will be purchased, and about two thirds of shoppers won’t make the purchase unless the item is available in the colour of their preference.

If you have a clear brand identity and target market, then it makes sense to workwith a colour consultant to determine the perfect colour scheme for your retail outlet. It could make all the difference.

Contact us today to discuss how you can get a free colour consultation to determine the best colour scheme for your retail space. As expert high-rise painters in Brisbane, we'd be happy to discuss your needs. Call 07 3826 5735 or send us an email for further details.

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