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Freshening up, modernising or rebranding your commercial building or office space can be as simple as starting with a new coat of paint. Commercial building painting is an effective way to create new interest and attract the attention of your customers and clients, especially if your store or warehouse frontage is tired, faded, peeling or still showing signs of previous owners or tenants. Even if you’re looking for function over form, painting is an investment that will not only revitalise and refresh your commercial building but also protect it from the elements as well as general wear and tear for many years to come.

Exterior paint enhances and protects commercial buildings

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Many commercial building exteriors suffer from general wear and tear, not to mention years of neglect while the business carries on within it, especially industrial or manufacturing sites that are exposed to the elements day in and day out. 

Sun, wind and moisture can corrode and wear down your paintwork as well as the building structure itself, and a professionally applied exterior commercial coating will not only freshen up your building’s appearance, but also help protect it. 

Regardless of whether you’ve just taken occupancy of your site, or are well established, investing in commercial building painting will give your building a whole new lease of life, while also protecting it from further deterioration to the point where more serious maintenance may be required. 

Interior painting freshens up and promotes office spaces

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Freshening up your commercial building painting doesn’t just stop at the front door. 

Professional image is important in business, and a tired, drab and poorly painted commercial interior is more likely to detract from this, than help sell your brand and services to your customers. A new, clean coat of paint for your office interior is a great way to provide the right impression to current and new clientele, while also giving you and your staff a more pleasant working environment. 

If your business brand has feature colours, consider utilising those colours in your chosen palette – doors and feature walls are a fantastic way to bring colour into the office. Walls and ceilings generally benefit from a more neutral colour range, such as whites and light greys, and will contrast well against pops of wall and door colour along with any art or furniture you feature in your office space. 

Queensland’s commercial building painting experts

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Regardless of whether you’re looking for some maintenance touch-ups, a full exterior refresh, or an opportunity to revitalise your interior office space, commercial building painting is an important step to promoting your professional image to your customers and staff, while also protecting it from physical deterioration. 

Kraudelt Painting is experienced in commercial building painting, and have helped clients across South East Queensland with both exterior and interior painting of warehouses, manufacturing sites, retail centres, office spaces and more. You don’t need to curtail operations while painting is completed; we’ll work alongside you to schedule in the work with minimal impact or disruption to your operations. For professional and experienced advice from commercial painting experts, get in touch today.

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