Commercial Painting Project in Brisbane

Commercial Painting Project in BrisbaneWe recently undertook a commercial painting project in Brisbane for our client Colliers International. We thought this would be a great one to share with you because it shows how paint can transform not only the look of a building or space but also improve safety.

Commercial Paint Project Before

The company had issues with the flooring in the plant room. The existing vinyl tiles were lifting and holding water underneath. This meant the plant floor was at risk of developing mould and other issues, and because of this, it didn’t meet Work Place Health & Safety regulations.

Here’s a before picture. This was taken right after we removed the vinyl tiles. As you can see, there’s quite a bit of dampness and damage on the concrete.

Commercial Painting


Commercial Paint Project After

Here’s what we did to achieve a safe, functional and attractive finish on this floor.

  1. First we removed the vinyl tiles with a floor scraper.
  2. We then used an industrial concrete grinder to remove any traces of glue on the floor.
  3. Next, we used special diamond plugs to grind the floor, eliminating any remaining scratches and imperfections. We were left with a perfectly smooth surface.
  4. We had to repair one section of concrete that had sunk. We did this using self-leveling concrete.
  5. We applied one coat of 2 Pac Primer, then one coat on 2 Pac Ultra Coat to seal the floor.
  6. Lastly, we painted the floor in the colour Bridge Grey from the brand Jotun.

Here’s the after shot. Looks great. Functions great. And critically, meets all safety standards. Now that’s a job well done.

Commercial Painting


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