Brisbane WFH Workspace: 5 Tips to Decorate Your Home Office

decorate your home office

Brisbane's beautiful weather might be calling you outside, but for many, a productive home office is key to a successful workday. But if you are feeling uninspired by your current workspace, check out our "Brisbane Home Office Inspiration: 5 Decor Ideas for You."

This guide offers 5 easy-to-implement decor ideas to transform your Brisbane home office into a space that sparks creativity, boosts focus, and reflects your unique style. Get ready to love where you work!

Here are our top five tips.

1. Get rid of clutter

Visual noise can distract you from the task at hand. Our advice: remove all clutter from your office that isn’t work-related. Then, pick two or three pieces that bring you joy, such as a few family photos. You don’t want your home office to be devoid of personality, but you should keep décor to a minimum.

2. Invest in storage

Storage improves your home office in two ways. First, it helps minimise clutter. Placing loose papers, stationery, and other work must-haves in storage boxes prevents your shelves and surfaces from becoming overwhelmed.

Second, storage solutions help keep you organised. Need a stapler? The receipt for the printer you purchased last year? You know exactly where to look.

3. Stick to a neutral palette

white wall

You might love bright colours, but when it comes to working, stick to a neutral palette on the walls. Neutrals have a calming effect and help a space feel bigger, lighter, and brighter. It’s no wonder white walls are the top choice for 90 per cent of our clients.

4. Bring the outdoors in

Not only do indoor plants improve air quality, but some studies suggest that a splash of natural greener can increase concentration and productivity by up to 15 per cent. So, bring the outdoors in and reap the reward.

5. Embrace natural light

natural light

Working from home day in and day out can induce cabin fever – that groggy, restless feeling that leaves us unmotivated and uninspired.

To help prevent this, let as much natural light in as possible. Open blinds and windows and allow the sunlight to reflect off of your neutral walls. Perfect.

Transform your Brisbane Home Office

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