Did You Know Interior Design Affects Your Subconscious?

When we think about interior design, we usually think about practical and aesthetic properties: whether or not this paint colour matches your couch, or if that dining table ties in with your kitchen cupboards. Rarely do we consider the psychological effects of colour and space, and apply this to interior design.


Salk Institute, California Image credit: Justin Brown

A Little Bit of History

The idea that interior design affects your subconscious is nothing new.

In the 50s, award-winning biologist Jonas Salk was working round the clock to find a cure for polio. He spent most of his day in a dark, dingy basement in a lab in Pittsburgh. Work was slow, so he decided he needed a change of scenery.

Salk made his way to Assisi, Italy, where he lived and worked among the marble columns and courtyards of a 13th Century monastery. Shortly after his arrival, he made a breakthrough that lead to the polio vaccine.

Salk believed that it was his immediate environment that sped up progress and increased productivity. In fact, he felt so strongly on the matter that, with the help of architect Louis Kahn, he facilitated the build of the Salk Institute in California. The facility was designed specifically to stimulate creativity.

Space in Interior Design

You’ve probably heard the saying, “a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind.” Well, it’s true!

Space is one factor of interior design that can affect your subconscious. Cluttered spaces feel smaller. They can produce feelings of stress, and limit productivity due to distraction. Removing unnecessary objects from a space, and opting for furniture with slim silhouettes can transform the mood of a room.

Colour in Interior Design

Wall colour is the basis of any room’s design, and choosing the wrong colour can be devastating.

Colour affects how a room feels, and how large it appears. As a general rule, darker colours box a room in, and lighter colours open a room up.

Here are the moods created by each colour.

color scheme

Repainting your interior is an easy way to transform the feel of your home. Improve your mood and boost productivity with an interior design makeover. Give us a call on 07 3829 5735, or send us a quick email and we’ll get right back to you.

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