Hire Professional Painters: 7 Reasons Not to DIY Paint

Hire Professional Painters: 7 Reasons Not to DIY Paint - painting 1479503 960 720If you are ready to transform your home or business with paint, you may be tempted to take the DIY route instead of hiring professional painters in Brisbane.

Unfortunately, many home and business owners who do opt to do it themselves find that painting is much harder and more time-consuming than they originally thought.

Here are our top 7 reasons why you shouldn’t DIY. We suggest considering each of these points before making a final decision.

1. House Painting Can Be Dangerous

Believe it or not, DIY painting can be a dangerous task, especially if you are an inexperienced painter. When interior painting, you may need to reach high ceilings. This means painting with a steady hand while balancing on a ladder. When exterior painting, you will need to be extra careful, as uneven outdoor services (such as grass or gravel) can cause your ladder to wobble.

Professional painters know how to best reach tricky areas and have the tools and equipment necessary to produce perfect results safely.

2. DIY Painting Can Be More Expensive

Have you calculated how much your DIY painting project will actually cost? You will need to consider the price of paint, primers, tools (paint brushers, rollers, etc.), painters’ tape, drop sheets, ladders, and more. You should also take the condition of your walls into account. Are there any areas that require repair? If so, you will need to purchase sand paper, filler, and other repair accessories.

Plus, you will need to take time out of your normal life (including possible time off work) to complete the job. And if you make any mistakes, you will need to hire professionals to fix things up. Often it can be cheaper to hire painters from the start.

3. DIY Painting Takes Much Longer

House painting can be a time consuming job, especially if you haven’t painted before. Being able to paint fast yet accurately comes with experience.

4. Hiring Professional Painters Eliminates Stress

There’s no doubt about it: DIY painting can be a stressful endeavour. It’s messy, tiring, and time-consuming.

Calling in the professionals takes the headache out of the equation. We get it done a lot faster and neater than non-professionals can achieve, which considerably reduces the stress associated with living in a renovation zone for longer than you need to.

5. Professionals Know How to Protect Your Floor and Belongings

When interior painting you risk damaging your floor and belongings with paint. Splatters, stains and spilled paint can be difficult to remove. Professional painters like us know exactly how to protect your furniture and floor from paint, so there’s no need to worry!

Hire Professional Painters: 7 Reasons Not to DIY Paint - Screen Shot 2017 05 06 at 8.54.55 pm e14940672529916. Professional Painters Know Colour

Choosing the wrong colour can be a costly mistake. Our free colour consultant knows colour and can help you decide on the perfect shades and accents for your residential or commercial property.

7. Professional Painters Deliver Quality Results

You can’t expect someone who has never cooked a soufflé before to nail it the first time, right? But a skilled chef could cook one up in no time. The same goes for house painting. Proper painting requires skill and craftsmanship that comes from years of experience and the correct knowledge.

Contact Professional Painters

Hopefully this article has given you a better understanding of what’s involved with DIY painting. If you’d like to know more about our professional residential and commercial painting services in Brisbane, give us a call on 07 3829 5735 or fill out the form on this page.

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  1. Avatar for Jenny Dominic Jenny Dominic on 07/29/2017 at 3:51 pm

    Yes, it’s true. Professional do it better, quick and can blend the best colors that go well with your home. They know all the tactics to improve if any error occurs while painting. So, always hire a professional.

  2. Avatar for Jaque Christo Jaque Christo on 02/06/2018 at 4:11 am

    Thank you for the post on hiring a professional painter. I definitely agree that a professional painter will not only be faster and get better results but also better protect your floor and belongings from the paint. It costs more than DIY but you end up with an amazing look that came stress-free.

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