Top Reasons to Hire Professional Painters in Brisbane for Your Home

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You may have been looking at paint peeling or chipping on your walls, ceilings or trims and have begun thinking about repainting your walls yourself. After all, there are lots of tutorials and blogs online telling you how to do it, so how hard could it be right? But if you don’t have time to do it yourself, here are Kraudelt Painting's top reasons to hire professional painters in Brisbane.

1. They know their paint

Have you walked down the paint aisle at your local hardware store lately? If painting is new to you, and sometimes even if you are an old hand, it can be overwhelming. You have so many choices to make:

  • Oil based or water-based?
  • Gloss, matte, or satin finish?
  • Do you need to sand back and apply a base coat?
  • How many coats will you need?
  • What colour?

Once you have figured these things out, It’s time to figure out how much paint you will need. If you buy too much you may end up with a few half empty paint tins.

A professional painter knows their paints inside and out. They know which types of paint to use in every area of your house from exterior walls to decks to kitchens and bathrooms. What’s more, they know exactly how much of each type of paint is required, and how to ensure the colours are matched exactly.

If you’re after a complete interior or exterior makeover, we offer a colour consultancy service, which takes the guesswork out of choosing up to date colours, and colours which go together well. They have the right tools

When you think about tools for painting you probably think about brushes and rollers, but the tools required to complete a painting project can also include:

  • Patching tools
  • Caulk
  • Ladders
  • Scaffolding
  • Tarps and drop cloths
  • Tape
  • Sprayers
  • Sandpaper

. To get the best paint finish, you not only need to have the right tools, but you need to know when and how (and when) to use them.

Professional painters not only have all the tools your renovation requires, but they also know how to use them to get that beautiful flawless finish you envision.

2. They know how to prepare any surface

To get a flawless paint finish, you need to carefully prepare your surface. Preparing to paint takes time and a certain level of skill. At a minimum, preparing a surface to paint involves:

  • Patching any holes
  • Sanding rough edges
  • Washing the surface
  • Priming the area

When you hire a professional painter, they take the hassle out of the preparation work by doing it for you. Experienced professional painters know exactly what needs to be done, in what order, and carry out their preparation work with minimal disruption and mess. This leaves you free to get on with your day without the worry about cleaning up before dinner time.

3. They are efficient

Painting is a time-consuming task. Finding the time to do all the work when you're busy caring for kids and going to work can be a real juggling act. Fitting painting around your other obligations can mean your project takes weeks, even months to complete – if it ever gets completed at all! And during this time, your house is in disarray and a perpetual state of partial renovation.

If looking at the masking tape on your wall for months isn’t your idea of a good time, then hiring a professional painter is the answer to your problems.

Professional painters are quick and efficient. They know what techniques to use for every surface and paint type, meaning they can complete your project in a fraction of the time you could. They also plan out your painting project from beginning to end to ensure they cause the least amount of disruption to your family, so you can enjoy your freshly painted home in a fraction of the time you would have otherwise.

4. They don’t take shortcuts

Taking shortcuts can be ever so tempting, especially when it comes to painting. But often shortcuts end up inadvertently becoming ‘long-cuts’ as you realise you aren’t going to get the finish you want without going back to the beginning and starting again. This can be extremely disheartening, but if you don’t restart you have to live with a botched paint job.

Or you can hire a professional painter near you. They are passionate about giving you the crisp, flawless paint job you desire, and they won’t take shortcuts to get there. Professional painters know how critical every step of the painting project is, and they pride themselves on getting the best finish possible for your area. When you hire a professional painter, you can guarantee that there will be no corner cutting to get you that perfect finish.

Get professional help from trusted local painters

Here at Kraudelt Painting, we love what we do. We’re the interior painting experts and know exactly how to ensure you get the high-quality paint finish needed to last the distance in any area, as hundreds of our customers will testify to. For professional advice, and a quote for any painting project,get in touch today.

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