House Painters Brisbane: Get Your Home Ready for Summer

House Painters Brisbane: Get Your Home Ready for Summer - summerSummer is just around the corner. That means beautiful weather, school holidays, and the Christmas rush.

Don’t leave house renovations to the last minute. Plan ahead and get your home ready for the summer months with the help of Kraudelt house painters Brisbane.

That way, you can rest, relax, and enjoy time with your friends and family.

Revamp the Guest Room

Most of us have guests come to stay at some point during the summer holidays, whether that’s the in-laws, old friends, or long-lost cousins.

You’ll need to get your guest room clean and ready. Do not leave this job until the day before your guests arrive. Instead, avoid the added stress and get started now.

Here are a couple of tips for getting your interior ready for guests:

  • Clear out everything that doesn’t belong. The guest room can become a bit of a storage area throughout the year. Put things back into their proper place, and donate unwanted items to charity.
  • Make a list of any extras you need to purchase. Consider things like bedside tables, lamps, pillows, sheets, and towels.
  • Check the condition of the paint. Cracked, peeling, or stained paint can be an eyesore. If you’ve been meaning to give your guest room a repaint, do it long before your visitors arrive. Keep in mind you’ll need time to ventilate the room.

exterior painting brisbaneGet Your Exterior Paint Project Done

Repainting the exterior of your home is a big job, especially if you plan on doing it yourself. You’ll want to set aside a couple of weeks of good weather, which should be no problem as we near the warmer months.

You should also consider how disruptive a DIY exterior paint project will be, and how much you will need to spend on tools and equipment. These are serious concerns, especially in the lead up to Christmas – we all want to get lots of work done now to give us the most time (and money) possible to spend with our friends and family.

Make things easier on yourself and hire Kraudelt house painters Brisbane. Get in touch ASAP for a fast and accurate quote. We work quickly and thoroughly to transform your home with minimal disturbance. You won’t believe the difference a repaint can make.

Spruce Up the Deck

Is there anything better than soaking up the warm Queensland sunshine on the back veranda? We don’t think so.

Spruce up your deck in time for those summer BBQs. There are two ways you can do this:

  1. Stain your deck. We can apply a beautiful natural-toned stain to your timber deck.
  2. Paint your deck. Or, we can paint your deck to match the colour scheme of your home. We use a special process to ensure the paint is not absorbed by the timber.

deck painting

Get Your Home Ready for Summer

Don’t leave your home improvement to the last minute. Start now and have your home made gorgeous for Christmas, and enjoy a beautiful interior and exterior all summer long. Get in contact with Kraudelt Painting today. Call on 07 3829 5735 or fill out the form on this page, and we’ll get right back to you.


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