How to clean paintbrushes and rollers

clean paintbrushes

Just finished a paint job? It’s now time to pack up, clean up, and enjoy your refreshed home.

Cleaning your paintbrushes and rollers is one very important part of the clean-up process. In this article, we’ll go over the best ways to get your painting tools paint-free and ready to store.

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How to clean paintbrushes and rollers: water-based paint

Removing water-based paints is a little easier and more straightforward than cleaning oil-based paints.

First, be sure to start the cleaning process as soon as possible. If you can, avoid letting the paint harden on your brush.

Then, rinse your brush or roller in cold water to remove excess paint. It’s best to do this under a running tap in your outside or laundry sink. Then, take a small amount of detergent, massage it into your painting tools, and rinse with warm water.

Allow to dry completely before storing. You might like to wrap your brush in a clean paper towel secured with masking tape to ensure it dries in its original shape.

How to clean paintbrushes and rollers: oil-based paint

When cleaning brushes and rollers after using an oil-based paint, it is critical to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Usually, you will need to remove excess paint using a solvent. Do not soak your brush in solvent, as this can damage its bristles.

Once all paint has been removed, you will need to wash away any trace of solvent. Again, a little detergent and warm water will do the trick. Be sure to rinse your brushes and rollers thoroughly.

Again, allow your brushes and rollers to dry completely before storing.

How to store brushes and rollers

When storing brushes, avoid standing them on their bristles. This can cause them to bend and become misshapen. Instead, store paintbrushes flat.

Rollers will keep best when hung. Laying rollers flat can crush the pile, making them ineffective painting tools.

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