How to Remove Scuff Marks on Walls

How to remove scuff marks on wallsThere are few things in life more satisfying than a fresh, clean, perfectly painted white wall – that is, until it becomes scuffed.

Scuff marks can find their way onto just about any surface in your home, including your floors and walls. Friction is the culprit, and it’s things like shoes and furniture rubbing against or bumping into your walls at just the right angle that results in these unsightly marks.

Unfortunately, you cannot completely prevent scuff marks from occurring, but you can remove them. Here’s how to remove scuff marks on walls.

Grab a sponge

The unassuming sponge can work wonders on a scuffed wall. Just about any will do, as long as it’s not too rough – scuffed walls are probably better than scratched walls!

First, dampen the sponge with warm tap water and begin to rub it over scuff. It may start to fade immediately, especially if it’s a recent or small mark. In most cases, water alone won’t be enough. Try spraying some all-purpose cleaner over the scuff and use the sponge to rub it away.

A quick word of warning before we move on: sometimes the dye from a coloured sponge can leach off of the sponge and stain your walls. You may want to make sure that the sponge you are using is free from dye.

Make your own cleaning solution

soapy water

So, the all-purpose cleaner didn’t get the job done – now, it’s time to take your cleaning efforts up a level. You can create your own scuff-busting solution by mixing liquid detergent and warm water. Soak the sponge or a cloth in the solution and scrub the mark until it disappears.

Still no luck? Try these methods for removing scuff marks

If the sponge didn’t work at all, here are a couple of creative methods for removing scuff marks:

  • Some people swear by the power of tennis balls in removing scuffs, especially off timber floors.
  • Others believe that pencil erasers are highly effective in removing scuff marks. This makes sense, as erasers use friction to remove graphite from paper. Do be aware, however, that pressing too hard when using an eraser may actually remove paint from your wall.
  • Finally, try purpose-made, store-bought cleaners. You’ll find products specifically designed for removing scuff marks. You can also give the Magic Eraser a go.

When in doubt, leave it to the pros

You’ve learnt how to remove scuff marks on walls, but none of the methods described above worked or you are concerned about damaging your walls. The solution? Call in professional painters. Here at Kraudelt Painting, we have helped homeowners achieve picture-perfect interiors for years and years. Find out more about us or give our friendly team a call on 07 3829 5735 for a fast and accurate quote.

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