Painters Guide: Choosing the Perfect Interior Paint Finish for Your Project

Painters Guide: Choosing the Perfect Interior Paint Finish for Your Project - living roomDeciding on the perfect interior paint finish is no easy task. There are so many different types, each offering a different look and a different level of durability. Discover the best options for kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, and more. Here’s a list of the best interior paint finishes for your Brisbane home.

Interior Paint Finishes for Cleanliness

As a general rule, the shinier, smoother, glossier the interior paint finish, the better it will stand up against cleaning. The even surface doesn’t hold onto stains and dirt, making it quick and easy to clean. This means that, in areas prone to becoming dirty (such as the living room or kitchen), your paint will look better longer.

Suitable paint finishes include satin, silk, and eggshell.

Interior Paint Finishes for Kids

Kids’ rooms tend to experience a lot of wear and tear. With crashing toys, grubby fingers and rainbow text as, the interior paint finish will need to be stain resistant and withstand repeated cleaning. As mentioned above, smoother finishes are more cleanable than matt finishes. That being said, matt finishes will conceal wear and tear better. So, whether you go matt or not really depends of the current state of your walls.

Suitable finishes for new walls include satin, silk, eggshell, and gloss (for wood trimmings). Suitable finishes for walls with noticeable wear and tear include matt and matt emulsion.

Interior Paint Finishes for a Modern Home

While silk, satin, and eggshell finishes are excellent for their ease of cleaning, they do tend to look traditional. If you have a modern home, we suggest opting for a flatter paint finish. This is especially important if your home has brightly coloured feature walls. A velvety flat matt emulsion will give you outstanding colour pay-off, with colours appearing almost identical in both natural and artificial light.

Suitable paint finishes include matt emulsion and flat matt emulsion.

Interior Paint Finishes for Damaged Walls

Dents and scratches will look pronounced under a slick, smooth finish, because the glossy surface reflects light. That’s why it’s extra important to properly prepare walls before using a paint finish with sheen. Flat paints, on the other hand, will do wonders to cover up wear and tear.

Suitable paint finishes include matt emulsion and flat matt emulsion.

Still Unsure?

If you’re not familiar with the names of interior paint finishes, I suggest having a read of our article Interior Paint Finishes Explained first. If you are, then let’s have a detailed look into which paint finishes are suitable for your project.

Give Your Interior a Makeover

Even if you decide on the right interior paint finish for your project, if the paint is not applied properly, the result will be less than perfect. If you have no painting experience, or are looking for top-quality, professional results, give us a call on 07 3829 5735, or fill out the form on this page.

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