Brisbane Sunshine Style: Paint Colours That Complement Red Bricks

Brisbane's Best Paint Colours

Picking the right colours to paint the exterior of your beautiful Brisbane home can be stressful, especially if you're trying to complement striking red brickwork. It's an expensive exercise if you're unhappy with the result. In this guide, we will explore Brisbane's best paint colour options that will beautifully complement red brick. Our expert team is here to guide you through the entire process, from picking the right colours to being satisfied with a flawless finish.

Should I paint my red brick home?

If you have a red brick home and want to breathe new life into your exterior, you may think bagging or rendering are your only options, but red brick, accented with the right paint colour, can deliver a wonderful aesthetic.

Exposed red bricks on the exterior of your home are a look that never seems to go out of style. We can highlight the brickwork and give your home’s exterior a new lease on life by painting your:

  • front door
  • window frames
  • eaves
  • garage door
  • patio and what?

The only obstacle can be choosing paint colours that complement red bricks, but we can help you with that too.

What colours complement red brick?

Muted Tones work best. Red brick can be quite striking, so we recommend choosing a muted tone in contrast. A muted tone is the opposite of a vibrant colour; think of it as a softer colour.

For example, if you want to choose white paint, we recommend an off-white or eggshell white, as it will complement the red brick. On the other hand, if you choose a bright white, it will likely look jarring and not work well against the red. Other muted tones include sage green, taupe, greige and many more.

A muted colour doesn't have to mean boring though. There are some stunning colour combinations, including red brick and black; however, like using white, you need to ensure it's a slightly muted tone of black or dark grey rather than a vivid black with high saturation.

Choosing the right colour

While no one answer will suit everyone's preference, here are some tips to guide you with your colour selection; however, we will work with you in more detail through our expert colour consultancy service.

What to expect when you choose Kraudelt Painting:

  • We will visit your home and assess your requirements – we're reliable and value your time, so we won't leave you waiting around all day for us.
  • We take time to understand your needs, discuss your colour choices, provide an accurate quote, and stick to our word. If you need more work done, we’ll provide a further quote before starting, so you're always informed of the scope of work and expenses.
  • We start and finish when we say, and do our best to minimise disruption to your home
  • We tidy, wipe and clean so that you don’t know we’ve even been there.

For more information on the type of paint to use on the exterior of your home, see our article knowing your exterior paints.

Are you ready to start transforming your home?

If you need help with choosing the most appropriate accent colours for your Brisbane home or getting a fixed price quote, get in touch today to book a time that best suits you.

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