Can I paint my house in the rain?

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It’s been a rainy start to the season here in South-East Queensland. All this wet weather has people asking, “Can I paint my house in the rain?”

The answer to this common question depends on your climate, how much rain, and whether you plan on painting the interior or exterior of your home. Let’s have a look at these factors in more detail.

Can I paint the interior of my home in the rain?

Yes. Painting the interior of your home has no real limitations, provided your walls are dry and clean.

You will, however, need to ventilate your home after painting. And that means leaving your windows open as much as possible. If your windows tend to let a lot of rain into your house, it may be best to wait until the forecast is clear.

Can I paint the exterior of my home in the rain?

The answer to this question is a little less clear-cut. While many painting experts advise against painting your exterior in the rain, if you live in a rain-prone area, you may have no choice.

What’s more, the weather is unpredictable. What might start out as a perfectly sunny day could end in a thunderstorm.

The good news is, a little wet weather is not a total disaster. Consider the following four factors before you continue painting to avoid serious damage.

Four factors to consider before painting in the rain

1. Is the surface wet?

Can you see water on your exterior surface? Even a few tiny drops count. If you can, hold off, and wait for the surface to dry completely.

2. When was the surface last wet?

Depending on the material of your home, surfaces that appear dry may, in fact, be holding water.

Generally speaking, an exterior wall will need anywhere between 4 and 24 hours to dry completely in warm, sunny weather. Before you continue, don’t forget to check shaded areas, trims, cracks, and nail holes.

3. What’s the temperature?

If, like us, you live in South-East Queensland, the temperatures are pretty much ideal for painting year-round. Our warm climate helps walls dry out faster after a downpour.

If you live somewhere freezing cold, you might have to wait closer to 24 hours for your exterior to become dry.

4. Will your walls have 8 hours of warmish weather after paint application?

Again, this consideration doesn’t really apply to those of us living in Queensland. In cooler climates, however, it’s very important.

A coat of paint needs about 8 hours of warmish weather to dry properly, especially after rain. If possible, ensure that within those 8 hours, temperatures stay well above 0 degrees Celsius.

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