Paint Roller vs. Paint Brush

paint roller vs paint brushPaint roller vs. paint brush – how do you know which to use for your painting project?

Well, it depends on what you are painting. The paint roller and the paint brush have very different functions, so selecting the right one is crucial to the success of your painting project.

Paint Roller

The paint roller is ideal for bigger areas. The large, porous surface allows the paint roller to hold much more paint than a brush, and to distribute an even layer of paint much faster. The roller was designed with efficiency in mind.

The majority of painting projects are best tackled with a paint roller, especially when it comes to interior walls and ceilings. Different finishes can be achieved with different rollers. Rollers that have a relatively smooth surface will produce a smooth finish, whereas rollers with a thick or fluffy surface create a more textured finish.

Whilst paint rollers are ideal for most painting projects, roller covers don’t have a long lifespan. You’ll need to replace them after each painting project, or even a few times throughout.

Paint Brush

paint brushPaint brushes are generally used to cut in, and paint smaller, more detailed areas, such as trims, corners, and edges. Because brushes are small and flexible, you can be incredibly precise when controlling the paint.

Brushes are also used to create a textured effect with brushstrokes. If you’re restoring an older, Queenslander style home, using a brush to paint the walls can produce a more authentic look, as paint rollers weren’t used until 1940.

The type of bristles you’ll need will depend on the type of paint you’re planning to use.

  • Nylon or polyester bristles are perfect for latex (water-based) paints.
  • Natural China bristles are perfect for oil-based paints, varnishes, and stains.

If a good quality paint brush is well looked after and properly cleaned after every use, it can last for years.

Want Professional Painters?

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