How to Paint a Straight Line Between the Wall and Ceiling

painting the ceiling

There is no more obvious sign of an amateur paint job than a wobbly, uneven line between the wall and ceiling.

In this article, we’ll share three fool-proof methods of achieving a straight line when painting the ceiling. Follow this guide, and you’ll be painting like a pro in no time.

Method 1: Use an angled brush

If you have some experience with interior painting, or if you have a particularly steady hand, this could be the easiest, cheapest option.

  1. Purchase a high-quality, angled brush. You should be able to pick one up at your local hardware store. A 5cm or 2-inch brush should do the trick.
  2. Apply paint to the wall, leaving a 2cm gap between the wall and ceiling or skirting board.
  3. Load the brush, ensuring there is no excess paint. Now, paint very carefully, using the shape of the brush to achieve a perfectly straight line.

Method 2: Use caulk

Caulk is a waterproof filler or sealant often used in building work and small repairs. Although this method is the most time-consuming of the three, it will create a clean, crisp line. This process is also a great option if you are touching up an already painted wall.

  1. Use painters’ tape to create a straight, narrow line encompassing the meeting point between the wall and ceiling. You may need to use a level. The gap should be about 0.5cm deep.
  2. Apply caulk to the exposed line. Use an ice cube to smooth out the caulk.
  3. Remove the tape immediately for a perfect result.

Method 3: Use a specialist painting tool

There is no shortage of specialist painting tools on the market, so it’s no surprise you can purchase one to help achieve a straight line between the ceiling and wall.

While the exact method of painting using a straight-line ceiling tool will vary, the majority work by ensuring an even distance between the brush and the ceiling. Many have wheels, making it quick and easy to swipe the brush across the length of your wall.

We won’t give you a specific procedure here – simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions. We will, however, give you this essential tip: never overload your brush when using a specialist painting tool. You could end up with smudges, drips, and other unsightly faults.

Leave painting the ceiling to the professionals

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