Painting in Hot Weather

Painting in Hot WeatherHere in Queensland, we’re no strangers to sweltering heat. If you’re thinking of having your home painted this summer, you’ll need to read up on the ins and outs painting in hot weather.

How Does Heat Affect Paint?

As a general rule, the warmer the weather, the faster the paint will dry.

Have a read of your paint tin for more detailed information.

Keep in mind that, while hot weather can speed up drying time, it can also make paint application a little trickier. Excessive heat could cause visible brush marks, and even blistering.

Painting in Hot Weather: Interior

Warm, dry air will help interior paint dry quickly and consistently.

That being said, summer in Queensland can be incredibly humid, which is not great for drying paint. We suggest running fans after you’ve finished painting to keep the humidity low. Or, if the paint takes more than four hours to dry, purchase a dehumidifier.

Painting in Hot Weather: Exterior

More often than not, exterior walls will be a little cooler than interior walls, so don’t be surprised if they take longer to dry. Plus, exterior paint is usually hardier than interior paint, meaning it needs more time to adhere. Because of these two conditions, exterior paint needs, ideally, around 48 hours of steady weather conditions. Read the tin for specifics.

peeling paintScorching hot weather isn’t the best for exterior paint, unless you’re an experienced painter. High temperatures can dry the paint before it is able to adhere to the surface. This will shorten the lifespan of your paint, and could result in blistering and peeling.

Lastly, never paint straight after it has rained. You’ll need to give your exterior walls a good 24-48 hours to dry completely, depending on the material of your home (wood is more absorbent than, for example, a metal surface).

Hire Professional Painters

Trust us – painting in the heat can be difficult. For the very best results, opt for professional painters. We’ve had plenty of experience dealing with the unpredictable Queensland weather. Give us a call on 07 3829 5735 or fill out the form on this page for a fast, accurate quote.

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