Residential Painters Brisbane: Before and After

As residential painters in Brisbane, we love the opportunity to repaint Queenslander style homes. Here’s a little overview of a job we did recently in Wynnum, just east of Brisbane city.

Residential Painters Brisbane: Before

Here’s the before picture.

exterior painting before

This Queenslander was in need of a refresh. The warm greyish beige colour was looking tired and run down, and was preventing the house from reaching its full potential.

Colour is an excellent way to highlight (or detract from) architectural features, both inside and out. Our clients wanted simple, clean colour in order to accentuate the homes modern lines, without taking away from its character.

Residential Painters Brisbane: After

And here’s the incredible result.

exterior painting after

The paint we used is DuluxWeathershield, to ensure the paint holds up against the harsh Queensland climate. The colours are as follows:

  • Weatherboards: DuluxKlute
  • Trim, including stairs: Dulux Lexicon

These cooler toned colours are far more contemporary, and will not go out of fashion any time soon. Repainting the stairs in the same colour as the trim enhances the overall brightness of the home.

Now that’s a job well done.

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