Tips for Painting Brick Walls

Tips for Painting Brick Walls - paintingbrickworkIf you feel that your brick or rendered home is looking outdated, perhaps it’s time for a facelift.

Darker brick colours like chocolate or deep red can not only look tired but also help intensify the heat in your home in summer. So it makes sense for us to help you add dollar value as well as increase the eco-efficiency of your home.

We can still save you money even if you decide to have your walls rendered because having plain render applied is cheaper than coloured render. We can then paint it any colour you choose.

If you do decide that painting brick walls is something you want to have a go at, then the following tips for painting brick walls will help you.

Efflorescence, Graffiti and Stains on Rendered Walls

To render a house involves covering the bricks with a special finish.  This is not something we do, however, we do paint over the render once it’s cured – which can take around 28 days.  We can paint inside this time, but quite often you’ll see efflorescence from the concrete bleeding through.  It shows up as white powder.  Once you put the paint on it seals the concrete, but if there’s still moisture in the concrete, it will bleed through the paint and affect your finish.

Why choose a membrane paint finish

Over and above the financial considerations, there are some important reasons to choose a membrane paint finish:-

  1. Efflorescence is a common problem with render and is especially visible on coloured render. Having a painted finish helps eliminate any patchiness in the colour.
  2. Our specialist membrane paints can be cleaned free of graffiti or painted over, whereas brickwork or render absorbs paint, making it very difficult to remove.
  3. Bore or recycled water used in the garden can badly stain your brick or rendered walls, so painting the masonry will help avoid this problem as it can be periodically patch-painted or cleaned.
Tips for Painting Brick Walls - Efflorescence coming through rendered paint work due to moisture .. Tips for Painting Brick Walls - borewaterstains
A painted finish covers
Quality paint will cover up bore water stains
Tips for Painting Brick Walls - graffiti Tips for Painting Brick Walls - Bag Paint 2
Graffiti can be cleaned off our membrane paints Applying the special
Moroccan finish

Bagging Exterior Brickwork

If you don’t want to go to the expense of full cover rendering, then we use a technique called “bagging”, giving your brickwork what is known as a “Moroccan” finish.

First, we thoroughly clean, dry and seal your brickwork. Using a special mitt, your chosen colour is then applied in two coats of the Moroccan finish. Our staff are all fully trained and accredited in the use of this specialist membrane and technique.

We can advise you if your brickwork is suitable for bagging or if it needs to be fully rendered first.

Just give us a call for a free assessment and quote.

With years of experience, a proven track record, and a commitment to customer service, Kraudelt Painting in Brisbane is the house painting company you can rely on.

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