Trendy Home Interior Paint Colours

Repainting is a transformative approach to breathe new life into your interior. Before purchasing your paint, explore the top home interior colours that bring vibrance to your space.

Lilac and Pale Pink

pink interior

Millennial pink might be old news, but soft, feminine colours are going nowhere fast. What’s great about lilacs and pale pinks is their versatility – they work just as well with a pared-back neutral palette as with deep jewel tones.

Where to use: Don’t be afraid of these soft, muted tones. Mauve, blush, and rose work on all four walls of a room. If that sounds like too much, introduce these shades into your décor or opt for a feature wall.

Expert tip: Avoid turning your home into a bouquet by combining feminine shades with natural textures: brass, timber, and even concrete.

Yellow and Mustard

yellow interior

A bit of a throwback to the warm-toned interiors of the 1970s, yellows and mustards are back in a big way. These sunny hues are uplifting and add a touch of cosiness to any space.

Where to use: Yellow is a top choice for communal areas, such as living and dining rooms. It’s also a fantastic option for kids’ rooms as, unlike pastel shades, they won’t outgrow yellow.

Expert tip: Think of mustard as a deeper neutral. If your interior is looking a little bland, you can add richness with either a bold sunflower hue or burnt ochre shade.


colour trends 2020

Green delivers impact, it’s soothing and easy to live with. You can also achieve a whole range of finishes – light and airy with shades like sage or opulent and luxurious with colours like emerald.

Where to use: You can use green just about anywhere. Create a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom, bring the outside into your kitchen, or create a sense of calm in your bedroom.

Expert tip: Create cohesion by introducing texture. If you opt for an unsaturated green, incorporate blonde woods and linens into your space. If you choose a deeper green, choose brass and velvet homewares.

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