What is Low VOC Paint?

low voc paintWhen it comes to deciding on a paint colour and finish, we’re mostly concerned with how it will impact the look of our home. But there’s something else you should consider – VOCs. VOCs can have a negative impact on the health of your family, and if this is something you’re worried about, we suggest opting for low VOC paint.

What is a VOC?

VOC is an acronym for ‘volatile organic compound’. This refers to any liquid – in addition to water – that evaporates as paint dries. Traditional oil-based paints contain a chemical thinner that makes for a silky-smooth application and finish. As the paint dries, the thinner evaporates into the air and is inhaled by those living in the home.

Are VOCs Dangerous?

VOCs are carcinogenic, which means that they have the potential to develop into cancer. In addition, long-term exposure to VOCs can impact the health of your liver, kidney, and central nervous system.

Despite these proven health-hazards, VOCs are found in many interior house paints. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Generally, people have their house painted every decade or so, or not at all. This means that throughout someone’s lifetime, they experience little to no exposure to VOCs.
  • With proper ventilation, VOCs can be reduced effectively.
  • Paints containing VOCs do not pose an ongoing health risk. VOCs in the air usually last just a week or two.

Low VOC Paint

As we have become increasingly aware of the health risks VOCs carry, paint technology has advanced. Paint manufactures have developed new interior paints that have reduced levels of VOCs, or have eliminated them completely.

However, it isn’t necessary to purchase paint labeled ‘low VOC’ or ‘VOC-free’. Water-based paints contain a very minimal amount of VOCs, meaning they will not have an impact on your family’s health.

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