Warm Up Your Queensland Home All Year Round: Top 3 Paint Colours

Queensland winters might be milder than other regions but that does not stop locals from craving a touch of warmth indoors. Rather than patiently awaiting for the beautiful colours of summertime, breathe warmth into your home year-round with our top 3 paint colours guaranteed to create a cosy haven.

In this article, we’ll share three colours that will warm up your home. You could use these on your walls or in your décor to bring a little warmth to your interior. Let’s get started.

1. Earthy browns and oranges

colours that will warm up your home

Earthy colours are on-trend and are some of the best hues to use to create a homely vibe in your interior.

Warm colours tend to draw a space in; use a more muted shade to avoid your room appearing smaller than it is. This effect produces a positive, welcoming atmosphere.

Pair earthy browns, oranges, and whites with contrasting teal or emerald accents. Add a touch of warm-toned white or stone to lighten and brighten.

2. Blush pink

colours that will warm up your home

Pink isn’t just for the little girl’s bedroom. A muted dusky shade of blush pink is incredibly popular in interior design, and its warm sophistication and sleek freshness make it a wonderful winter update shade.

Pink is both warm and inviting, and bright and fresh. Pair it with grey and stark white for a Scandinavian-inspired take of this trendy hue.

3. Turquoise blue

colours that will warm up your home

When it’s too cold for the beach, bring the beach indoors! Tropical colours and décor is a huge trend this year; there’s no better way to beat the winter blues than with bright colours.

Go all the way and incorporate canary yellows and fuchsia pinks, or tone things down with cool-toned white and gold accessories. Either way, the stunning blue-green is sure to put a smile on your face, even if it’s cold and raining outside.

Repaint your home this winter

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