How to Choose Paint Colours for Your Home Interior

Choose paint colours for your home interior

Repainting the interior can give your home a new lease on life or infuse personality on a recently purchased property. And choosing a paint colour for your home is not an easy feat. But what colour should you choose? The colour scheme you select could have surprising impacts on your home, and there are many things to consider.

That’s why at Kraudelt Painting, our clients get a free colour consultancy session with our professional Brisbane painters when they hire us to transform their homes.

Why is the colour important?

Being surrounded by certain colours for extended periods can significantly affect your mood and ability to relax. The study of how colours affect perceptions and behaviours is called Colour Psychology.

For example, here are some reasons why specific colours are used in hospital settings to evoke certain feelings:

  • The white or neutral colours inside hospital wards are chosen because they can have a calming effect on patients and families in stressful situations.
  • Employee break rooms are often brightly lit with a strong colour palette to help healthcare workers feel energised after a quick break during long stressful shifts.
  • The walls of a paediatric hospital are usually bright and colourful, with features walls of cartoon characters or animals that will catch the interest of their young patients.

Kraudelt Painting’s colour constancy

In addition to colour psychology, we offer our clients advice on how their colour choice will impact their home, many of these things you might only consider with the years of experience we have.

Darker colours absorb light which can make a room feel smaller, while lighter colours, such as white, can reflect light and make your space feel bigger. However, this doesn’t mean that you should avoid dark colours; depending on the style and size of the room, ceiling height at the atmosphere you want to create, darker colours can be the perfect option.

You will also need to consider that different shades will require additional upkeep, which is an essential consideration for busy areas in your home.

Benefits of painting the interior of your home

There are many more benefits from painting your home interior in addition to giving your space personality and ambience, such as:

  • It’s one of the easiest and quickest ways to transform and update a room.
  • Over time minor knicks and scratches will dull the look of your walls. A fresh coat of paint will cover up wear and tear.
  • It will increase the value of your house whether you’re looking to sell or refinance.
  • Removes wall stains and odours.

Why choose Kraudelt Painting?

Our professional painters in Brisbane and the surrounding are experienced and reliable.

Quality - We are proud of the service we deliver, and we promise you’ll love the quality of our finishes and the service we provide, or we’ll fix it for free.

Reliability – We respect your time and ours. We turn up on time, execute thorough preparation, keep your property clean and tidy, and put everything back in its place.

Are you ready to enhance your home’s interior with the perfect colours?

When you work with Kraudelt Painting, you will get access to our professional colour consultancy service and years of experience delivering the best finish possible. We are committed to using the best quality paints, consisting of a range of non-toxic, low VOC paints and eco-friendly products and processes, so you can be confident your health and safety are a priority.

Get in touch today for professional advice on choosing paint colours for your home interior and a quote.

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