Feature Walls: The Simplest Way to Transform a Room

Feel like your interior needs a change?

One of the simplest ways to transform a room is to paint a feature wall. The process is quick, easy, and inexpensive, and can completely change the look and feel of you interior.

Let’s have a look at feature walls in more detail.

What is a Feature Wall?

A feature wall – also known as an accent wall – is one wall of a room that is painted a different colour than the other walls. Feature walls add interest to a space, and create a focal point by drawing the eye to one area of the room.

Here is an example.

feature wall in kitchen

The deep navy blue compliments the sleek white kitchen and natural-toned flooring.

Best Rooms for Feature Walls

The sky’s the limit when it comes to decorating you home’s interior. The being said, some rooms are better suited to feature walls than others.

  • The bedroom: whether you add something special to your master, or differentiate the guest room, a pop of colour on one wall in a bedroom is just the right amount.
  • The dining room: a deeper, darker coloured feature wall can create a more formal feel, where as a brighter colour can make for a more family-friendly space.
  • The lounge room: add a feature wall behind your TV to create a cosy atmosphere.

Feature Walls: The Simplest Way to Transform a Room - Screen Shot 2017 06 29 at 3.54.03 pmIdeal Colours for Feature Walls

Again, you can use any colour you like to create a feature wall. But here are some general guidelines to consider.

  • What colour are you other walls? Consider whether they are cool or warm toned, light or dark, bold or neutral. Find a colour for your feature wall that compliments the other colours in your room.
  • Want to keep things neutral? Instead of adding a coloured feature wall, why not play around with texture? A contrasting texture is a subtle way to add something extra special to a space.
  • Want to go bright? Be careful! Colours can look one way on a paint sample card and another on an entire wall. It’s a smart idea to pick up a few small paint tins in a number of different colours, and test them out on the actual wall.

Paint Your Feature Wall

Since painting a feature wall is a relatively small job, you may like to give it a go yourself. If that’s the case, be sure to take your time (move and protect furniture and flooring), prepare your surfaces properly (clean well and prime if necessary), and allow each coat of paint to dry completely before moving on.

Or Hire Professional Painters

DIY painting isn’t your thing? No worries. When you hire the professional painters at Kraudelt Painting, you know you’ll get impeccable results every time, no matter how big – or small – the paint job is. Give us a call today on 07 3829 5735 or fill out the form on this page and we’ll get right back to you.

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