peeling paint


Warning Signs House Exterior Needs Painting

Paint doesn’t last forever. In fact, exterior painting lasts around a decade, sometimes less. There are warning signs that you should look out for that show your home is in need of a repaint. And, if left untreated, these warning signs could result in damage that is both expensive and time consuming to repair. The Warning…

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Peeling Paint After

How to Fix Peeling Paint

Peeling paint is hard to ignore, and can detract from the overall look and freshness of your interior. It can be caused by a number of things: excess moisture, lack of surface preparation, dirty walls, or a mix of oil and latex paint, to name a few. Unfortunately, there’s no easy fix for peeled or…

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Troubleshooting Paint Surface Problems

Whether you’ve bought an old, rundown house that needs serious revamping, or have allowed the condition of your house to deteriorate, if the exterior is anything like the one on the left, you’re going to need to take stock of the situation and consider what can be done to rectify your paint surface problems. And…

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