Tips for Painting Your Exterior White

painting your exterior white

Beige, biscuit, soft grey, stone, and other white varieties are undoubtedly the most popular colours for a home’s interior. But what about the exterior?

With its fresh finish, lightness, and neutrality, white can be a fantastic choice for the exterior of both older and contemporary properties.

In this article, we’ll walk you through our top tips for creating a stunning, sustainable white exterior that will look clean and crisp for years to come.

Sun or shade?

painting your exterior white

The very first thing to consider when painting house exterior is the position of your exterior walls. Are they – for the majority of the day – in direct sunlight or in the shade? Is there one wall in particular that gets the most sun? Is there one area that is constantly in the shade?

Cooler-toned white look striking and bright in direct sunlight, and can appear cold and unwelcoming in the sun. Alternatively, warm whites can have a brown or yellowish appearance in the sun, but look homely and welcoming in more shaded areas.

Opt for a cool or warm toned white based on how much light your home gets.

Test your colours in natural light

Say you’ve decided to opt for a true, cool-toned white. You’ve got a few shades in mind, and are ready to make the final decision. We highly, highly recommend you purchase small sample cans of paint in a few different shades, and test them in natural light.

To do this, paint a section of your home’s exterior where it gets the most sunlight, and where it gets the least. The shades will look vastly different in each area. Use these test patches to make your final decision.

Incorporating other colours and textures

painting your exterior white

White on white colour schemes can look fantastic. You may choose two complimentary whites – a softer shade for the bulk of your home, and a more ‘clinical’ white for the trims – or you may choose to introduce a secondary colour.

White goes with just about everything, so the sky truly is the limit. Darker neutrals, even deep charcoals, look particularly striking with white. Or be a little daring and experiment with rich jewel tones, such as teal.

You may also like to add some natural materials and textures to your exterior. If your home already features a natural material, perhaps leave that unpainted. A wooden deck, for example, alongside a white home adds warmth, while a stone wall adds architectural interest.

Read Toowang exterior painting case study for inspiration.

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