5 Questions to Ask When Hiring Commercial Painters in Brisbane

commercial painters in brisbane

With so many commercial painting companies in the city, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming. Don't worry!

We'll guide you through 5 key questions to ask potential commercial painters in Brisbane, ensuring you find a professional, reliable, and skilled team to bring your vision to life.

How long does a commercial painting project usually take?

The time it will take to complete your commercial painting project will depend on the scale of your establishment and your specific requirements (for example, if there is any damage to be repaired). We will supply an estimated timeframe for your project and strive to complete the job before this deadline. If you need a job done faster, we can bring more painters on-site.

Do you have a list of establishments you have previously worked with?

Yes. You can visit our Commercial Projects page to read more about past projects as commercial painting contractors.

Safety is our number one priority. When working on commercial projects on premises that are open to the public, we take all necessary precautions to keep anyone in proximity out of harm’s way. This includes taping off sections of your premise, working outside of business hours, quality scaffolding, ‘Wet Paint’ signs, and more.

Do you have eco-friendly paint options?

Yes. We are painting contractors committed to keeping you, our staff, and the environment healthy and happy. Using low-VOC paints – along with responsible paint disposal – is a crucial part of our eco-friendly painting process.

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