Reasons Why Kraudelt Painting Has the Best Painters in Brisbane

Best painters in Brisbane

There are key reasons why Kraudelt Painting has been successful in business for so long. One reason is that we have the best painters in Brisbane. We are also a family business that focuses heavily on service and quality. Whether you’re a homeowner or commercial property owner and you’re looking for a painter you can count on, read on to discover why you should make our team your first choice.

Two decades of experience

The Kraudelt team has more than twenty years of experience painting homes and commercial buildings in and around Brisbane and the Gold Coast regions. When you look for a painting contractor you can rely on to get the job done right the first time, experience counts for a lot.

Contractors who are new in business haven’t yet refined their practices or built up a reputation for reliability and quality, so you won’t really know what you are getting. With us, our decades of experience speak volumes. We’ve honed our skills and also discovered ingenious ways to overcome any obstacles or problems that sometimes crop up.

5-star ratings

Every time we successfully complete a painting project, customers are more than happy to leave our company glowing 5-star reviews online. A common theme in just about all of our customer reviews is the repeated mention of the high quality of our work. Commitment to exceptional customer service, reliability and professionalism also gets regular mentions.

Out of more than 30 customer reviews on Google, our average star rating is 4.9 out of 5. Reviews on Facebook are 5 out of 5 stars.
Here are some of the things satisfied customers are saying about Kraudelt Painting:

“Very professional and on time. They came to paint our new front fence and deck and we were so impressed that we extended their contact and got them to paint our new back deck and two garage doors. Thanks Craig, Louise and team for doing an amazing job. Great to deal with and highly recommend.” Deb and Jamie Ruff

“We are very pleased with the work done by Craig and his team, fully restoring and painting the walls and ceilings inside of our colonial timber home. Kraudelt Painting was reliable, on time, pleasant to deal with, neat and tiny and very accommodating. I strongly recommend them for all your painting needs.” Peter Sutherland


Minimal disruptions

One of the things that can be of concern for homeowners during a painting project, is disruptions to their routine and daily life. While we can’t avoid disruptions altogether, we always do our absolute best to keep them to a bare minimum.

One way we achieve this is by having initial discussions with you and then working to your schedule. This way, we get the job done on time and you barely even know we’re there. The faster we can complete your painting project, the quicker we’ll be out of your hair.

Reliability and excellence in service

Reliability is what we’re all about. You want to know that when you contract a painter to complete a certain task, within a certain time frame and on budget, that your contractor will honour their promises. Known for being highly reliable, we always show up when we say we will and, unlike many tradies, we are on time.

Happiness PromiseCoupled with reliability is our excellence in service. We don’t just want to meet your expectations on every level, but exceed them. Quality customer service is always the focus for our team no matter what the painting task or whether it’s a big job or a small one. We make each and every customer feel like the VIP they deserve to be. That’s why we have what we call “the happiness promise”. It’s our unique guarantee of customer satisfaction.

We care about the environment around us as much as you do, which is why we commit to sustainable painting practices, such as the use of low-VOC paints where possible. Volatile Organic Compounds release toxicity into the air. Oil-based enamel is a typical example of a high-VOC paint. What’s great about low-VOC paints is they have very little odour. They also minimise air pollution and are unlikely to cause irritation to the eyes, nose or throat.

We recycle our used paint tins to keep them out of landfill and any leftover paint is sent off to a dedicated paint recycling centre. We’re also careful not to contaminate any nearby water bodies when we clean up our gear.

CM3 certified

Kraudelt Painting is one of very few painting contractors in Brisbane who is CM3 certified. What does this mean? It’s a strict certification that’s carried out annually to ensure our team adheres to rigorous standards pertaining to hazardous goods management, first aid, safety management and scaffolds and heights safety standards.

Get a quote

If you have a residential or commercial painting project in Brisbane coming up, give us a call and arrange for a fast, fixed price quote. Contact us on (07) 3829 5735, or shoot us an email if you prefer. We look forward to working with you soon.

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