Painting Rendered Walls

Are you thinking of painting your exterior? Do your rendered walls require a refresh? Don’t make the mistake of thinking painting rendered walls is a simple as opening a tin of paint, and well, painting. Each unique surface requires a unique painting process, from preparation to finishing and everything in between. Rendered walls are no…

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paint corners

How to Paint Corners

If you’re planning some DIY interior paint jobs around your home, you’ll most likely need to paint corners. This can be really tricky for the inexperienced painter. Here are two methods that should make painting corners a little easier. First, you’ll need to clean the surface well. This goes for any type of paint job…

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Bag & Paint – a Great Alternative to Rendering Block Walls

    Gone are the days when render was the only solution for covering bare concrete block walls. Now you can have your walls bagged and painted by Kraudelt Painting using a quick, clean method that will provide you with a top quality, weatherproof barrier that creates an exterior finish that looks amazing. Traditional bagging…

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