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If you’re planning some DIY interior paint jobs around your home, you’ll most likely need to paint corners. This can be really tricky for the inexperienced painter. Here are two methods that should make painting corners a little easier.

First, you’ll need to clean the surface well. This goes for any type of paint job – whether interior or exterior. Dirt and dust can prevent paint from properly adhering to your wall, which may result in paint blisters.

You can wash your wall with soap/detergent and warm water. Ensure the surface has dried thoroughly before you begin.

Paint Corners with Tape

Using tape is probably the easiest way to ensure your edges and corners are painted neatly. Do not try to use regular masking tape. Instead, opt for blue painter’s tape.

Stick the tape carefully along the edge and around the corners you are painting. Use a plastic palette knife or even the back of a spoon to smooth down the tape and ensure it is properly adhered to the surface. Now you can paint over the top of the tape, being careful not to paint over the far edge.

Allow the paint to dry completely. Peel off the tape slowly at a 45-degree angle. Do not rip the tape up, as this could damage the paint.

Paint Corners Freehand – “Cutting In”

Painting corners and edges free hand is called “cutting in”. Using the correct brush is essential when cutting in. We recommend a high-quality trim brush about 5cm to 7cm wide. This size is easiest to control. The type of bristles you will need depends on the type of paint you’re using.

  • For alkyd (oil) paint, a natural bristled brush is best.
  • For water-based paints, a synthetic bristled brush is best.

Only dip the tip of the brush into your paint. Over saturating can make the brush difficult to control. Professional painters can create a crisp, clean edge both pushing and pulling the brush, whereas DIY painters may find it easier to pull the brush towards themselves.

Go slow. Allow a small bead of paint to touch the edge of the surface as you carefully move along. You may also find it easier to paint horizontally toward the edge, and then do one final vertical stroke down to even out the brush strokes.

House painting is a skill mastered through experience. If your home needs painting, and you don’t want to risk doing it yourself, give us a call on 073829 5735 for a quick, accurate quote. Or, if it’s easier, send us an email.

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