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Bag & Paint – a Great Alternative to Rendering Block Walls

Bagged and painted, the wall takes on new life

Before: A bare block wall



Gone are the days when render was the only solution for covering bare concrete block walls. Now you can have your walls bagged and painted by Kraudelt Painting using a quick, clean method that will provide you with a top quality, weatherproof barrier that creates an exterior finish that looks amazing.

Traditional bagging is achieved using a rather messy sand-cement mortar mix that is used to literally coat the surface of brick or block structure walls. While bagging using a cement-based render mix achieves an earthy look that many homeowners like, it also comes with all the potential problems presented by cement-based products, including efflorescence, as well as cracking and crazing of the finished surface. All of these can affect the final paint finish, even when the best quality products are used.

Today there is another superior option in the form of our Bag & Paint finish that uses top quality acrylic texture coatings that are applied with a special bagging mitt.

The result is that the visible joints between the blocks are filled, softening the hard line between the separate units, whether bricks or larger blocks have been used. The finished surface itself can be smooth, as shown in our after photograph above, or we can apply the thick paint product to achieve an uneven Moroccan-style finish.

The owner of the house featured here had an outer skin of smooth Besser Blocks on his exterior walls. He wasn’t keen to go to the expense of having the blocks rendered, and so decided to opt for our Bag & Paint finish. He is delighted with the result.

The Products  We Use for Bagging and Painting

At Kraudelt Painting we only use the best quality products, including a gorgeous Mediterranean bag and paint product that produces a classic Tuscan-like textured surface that has a very light relief. The products we use are resistant to heat, water, salt (which is essential at the coast), as well as to abrasion and even solvents. The finished surfaces weather well and won’t crack, flake or chalk as some inferior products tend to do.

Our preferred products are all acrylic and formulated to produce a hard-working, durable weatherproof barrier that will last. All our painters have an industry accreditation to apply, bag and paint walls using these products.

If you have a wall that needs bagging and painting using our specialist paint treatments, call or email the friendly team at Kraudelt Painting today for a fast, accurate quote.


  1. Del on 04/10/2017 at 11:01 am

    Can you please send more info on the bag and paint method

  2. Hugh Nelson on 08/28/2017 at 6:12 am

    Are you on Queensland? Can you use your treatment soon after the Wall has been built? No delay? What would be the cost for one side 6m X 2.5 m wall it is dividing a garage so it is sheltered

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