Accent Walls that Transform Your Room

accent wallsWant to experiment with colour in your home? Why not try accent walls.

Accent walls are a fantastic way to incorporate colour into your room without going overboard. Accent walls can help define a space, highlight a favourite artwork, or simply add interest to your home’s interior.

Three Ideas for Accent Walls

It’s normal to feel a little apprehensive when deciding on the positions and colours of your accent walls. Hopefully these three ideas will give you the inspiration you need to bite the bullet and opt for colour.

1. Go Bold Option

Though often too much for an entire room, bold, bright colours can work on an accent wall. Bold colour will accentuate the architectural features of a space and highlight your favourite artworks and décor accessories. In fact when deciding on a bold colour for an accent wall, use your beloved artworks, cushions, vases, and lampshades as a starting point. Is there one colour that stands out to you? Is there one colour that is common to all your décor pieces?

Here’s a quick tip when it comes to decorating kids’ rooms. Let the child decide on a bright colour, and use that for an accent wall. The rest of the walls can be painted a neutral colour. That way, when they grow out of the hot pink or sunny yellow, just one wall needs to be repainted.

accent walls2. Go Subtle Option

Rather than choosing a bright, bold colour; consider opting for a deeper hue of your current wall colour. For example, if you have soft stone walls, try a slightly darker grey colour. A deeper neutral accent wall will add sophistication and style to a space, as it breaks up the colour palette and adds depth.

3. Go for Pattern Option

Accent walls can also be created with wallpaper. When used correctly and applied professionally, wallpaper can transform a room into something really special. You can create a bold statement or textural interest. In fact, there are wallpaper designs to suit any taste and colour scheme; all it takes is a little research.

Positioning Your Accent Wall

Whether you go for a bold colour, a subtle contrast, or wallpaper, your accent wall will draw attention to a particular area of your space.

The most important thing to consider when positioning your accent wall is the architecture. Does your room have a special feature that you’d like to highlight, such as a fireplace or large window? Perhaps you’d like to draw attention to the your ocean or city views. If your room is fairly standard, use the position of your feature wall to showcase an artwork or framed photos.

Lastly, don’t ignore the size of the wall. Do you want the largest wall in your home to be painted red, for example? Or will that be too much?

Have Your Accent Walls Painted Professionally

Working with bold colours is exciting, but can be difficult to get right in terms of the right tone and the correct preparation. Not only is there more priming involved, but also any small mistake will show up – so it needs to be applied and finished with the utmost care. We do a lot of accent walls, and provide a colour consultation service to help you choose the right tones to complement your existing colour scheme. We’d more than happy to help you with creating accent walls in your home, so give us a call on 07 3829 5735 or fill out the form on this page. We’ll give you a quick, accurate quote.

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