Cleaning Paint spills – Tips from Gold Coast Painters

We consider ourselves professional Gold Coast painters, so spilling paint does not happen to us very often. But are frequently asked by our clients how to clean up paint spills, so we thought we’d tell you.

Cleaning Paint spills – Tips from Gold Coast Painters - Prep 2

How Gold Coast Painters Avoid Paint Spills

Gold Coast Painters tell how to:

Mop-up Wet Paint Spills

The sooner you get to the paint while it’s wet, the easier it will be to remove.

  • Stop the spill from spreading any further by scooping the edges with a spoon or scraper.
  • Put the paint into a disposable container, and don’t re-use it unless you filter it first.
  • Scrape up as much paint as possible, use cat litter material if you have some on hand.
  • For acrylic paint, use a super-absorbent cloth soaked in warm water and rinse it regularly in clean water.
  • For oil based paint, use mineral turpentine or thinners.
  • For both paint types use detergent cleaners to help get the last of the colour out of the spill area.
  • Use a sponge to absorb any excess water and the last remaining paint.
  • Dry the area with an old towel or other absorbent material.

Clean off Dried-up Paint Spills

  • Dry paint on glass or tiles can usually be removed with a razor blade scraper.
  • Acrylic paint can be loosened by softening the spill with methylated spirits.
  • Oil based paints will most likely respond to mineral turpentine if they are not fully set.
  • If neither of these products work then you may need to consider using a paint stripper.

Some important things to note:

You can accidentally make more mess, or wash any diluted paint into our Gold Coast sewers, stormwater drains or natural waterways. So to avoid these:-

  1. When using thinners, detergents and paint stripper, try them out on a small section that is not likely to be seen. For example under a cupboard or behind a door. This is just in case the solvent further damages or defaces the surface you are cleaning.
  2. Pour diluted acrylic paint water off into an unused area in your garden, the soil will filter it.
  3. To dispose of used thinners, turps or metho, leave it outside in a disposable container and it will evaporate. Then throw away the container.
  4. Paint spills do happen, but the best way to avoid having to clean them up is to do what we professionals do, and that is cover absolutely everything before you start painting.

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