Eliminating Mould from Your Bathroom Ceiling

Unsightly and unhealthy ceiling mould

Unsightly and unhealthy ceiling mould

Mould loves hot, humid conditions so it happily grows in bathrooms all over coastal Queensland. Our team here at Kraudelt Painting have a lot of experience eliminating ugly mildew from bathrooms, laundries kitchens and wherever it grows on your paint. Check out our Brisbane Painters Tips on Eliminating Mould from your homes.

Not only is it ugly to look at, but mould can damage your ceilings and walls. It can also cause breathing and other health problems, especially for asthmatics, the young and the old.  All these are good reasons to get rid of it from your home.

The most effective way is to re-paint the room, but you can’t just go slap a mould-resistant paint and hope that fixes it. The conditions that allowed the mildew to grow in the first place are still there.

A lot of preparation is needed and all fungal growth must be completely removed before you even touch a paint brush.

When we come to your home, be it an old-style Queenslander or a modern home, unit or flat, we always arrive prepared. We bring all the tools, chemicals and safety equipment we need to sort out your mould problem.

Our Mildew Elimination Plan

Brisbane Painters Tips on Eliminating Mould

All mould and flaky paint must be removed before painting

  • Scrape off any loose paint
  • Clean all fungus with bleach a based cleaner
  • Smooth all scraped areas to ensure an even finish
  • Double-check that the whole ceiling is completely fungus-free
  • Paint on a good quality mould-resistant bathroom/wet area paint.

Other Mould Reduction Strategies

We strongly suggest that all Queensland bathrooms be fitted with an extractor fan and that it be wired to the same switch as the light to maximize its effectiveness while the bathroom is in use.

If this is not an option for you, another way is to get into the habit of ventilating your bathroom by opening windows or louvres as often as possible. Since this could compromise security we advise that you install a bolt to lock the window open.

Mould is here to stay and can happen in any home, so if you want to eliminate fungal growth on your bathroom or other ceiling, call us on (07) 3829 5735 and we will soon have it looking like fungal growth was never a problem in your home.

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