Great Painting Tips from Professional House Painters

tips from professional house painters in brisbaneKraudelt Painting has a whole toolbox full of tips and techniques that we use to work as effectively as possible. Here are some essential painting tips from professional painters in Brisbane to help you achieve a beautiful, long-lasting finish.

Tip 1: Scrape Away. Uncover Your House' History

It is amazing what we find when we uncover old paint. By gently scraping away the loose paintwork, we can reveal your home's colourful history. You may even get some great ideas for colours.

Tip 2: Mask Up

Once the surface has been properly cleaned, scraped, and sanded, it's time to tape up. Good quality masking tape is a must to cover things such as light switches and light fittings. We also make sure that the floors and windows are fully protected, and we cover all furnishings with drop cloths or plastic.

Tip 3: Decide What to Paint First

A good house painter will always paint exterior doors and windows early in the day and prop them open to dry. That way, they are ready to close by nightfall.

Tip 4: Unmask

Masking tape should be removed before the paint is completely hard. This will prevent the paint from chipping or tearing. Removing the tape while the paint is still not fully hardened will also allow easier clean-up if any paint has run under the tape.

Tip 5: Consider a Mirror Finish

For that extra-shiny mirror-like finish, a smooth and easy-to-apply filler should be used under the gloss paint. Most fillers are designed to bond to timber, plaster, concrete, mortar, and primed metal. A coat or two of gloss finish over this, and the results are spectacular.

Tip 6: Use Paint Pads

Architraves and skirting boards can be time-consuming when painted with a brush. We use a paint pad for these hard-to-get-at areas. Those little foam pads with wheels can speed up the job and take the fuss out of the edges.

Tip 7: Highlight The Little Extras

Highlight small details in extra colours quickly and neatly using an artist's brush. The lasting effects are well worth the effort and extra time it may take.

Tip 8: How to Paint Over Glossy Enamel with Acrylics

This is where the old painted surface must be clean and smooth. As professional house painters, we recommend that:

  • Gloss enamels should be sanded to a flat finish before being repainted with acrylic paint.
  • An undercoat may not be necessary if a matte or low-sheen acrylic paint is used.
  • However, for a gloss or semi-gloss finish, an acrylic undercoat is necessary to fill any imperfections.
  • Lightly sand the undercoat to give a smooth, flat finish.

These house painter tips bring us great satisfaction, but if you feel that you don't have the time or skill levels to use them yourself, then you can leave it all to us and get a perfect result.

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