3 Budget-Friendly Ways to Refresh a Room

Are you looking for a budget-friendly, quick-fix solution to transform the look and feel of a room? You’ve landed in the right place, especially if you’re seeking professional interior painters in Brisbane to give your living spaces a fresh and vibrant makeover.

In this article, we’ll share 3 easy and fast ways to take a room from drab to fab.

1. Change Up the Lighting


Lighting has a big impact on a space. Harsh, cool-toned, and fluorescent lighting can make a room feel more like a medical facility and less like a home.

You can change up the lighting in a room in a number of ways:

  • Purchase warm-toned bulbs for your existing light fittings.
  • Install new light fixtures. That might be as simple as purchasing a new shade that pops right over the existing lightbulb. These days, you can buy a whole host of stunning light accessories, with modern, industrial, traditional, and even chandelier-style options available.
  • Invest in lamps. Both floor and table lamps add a sense of cosiness and warmth to a room, particularly at night.

2. Declutter Shelves and Surfaces

clean surface

A clean and tidy surface really is a thing of beauty. Unfortunately, our once-clear surfaces tend to attract more and more stuff over time. Bookshelves overflow, desks become almost impossible to work at, and bedside tables are packed to capacity.

The good news is, decluttering the surfaces in a room can make it look and feel lighter and brighter. And, it doesn’t cost a cent.

Start by taking everything off the surface. Then, sort through it. Throw out the rubbish, and put the rest back where it belongs. Finally, wipe down the surface and swear you’ll never let it get so cluttered again.

3. Invest in Interior Painting

interior painting

Nothing transforms a room like repainting the walls.

When it comes to interior painting, the possibilities are endless. Here’s some inspiration:

  • Go all white. If you’re looking to lighten up a space, or if you have particularly colourful furniture and décor, opt for a white palette. If you’d like some advice on choosing the perfect white for your walls, have a read of our article, Choosing White Paint for Your Walls.
  • Experiment with colour. Go all out, or try a feature wall – colour can accentuate the architectural features that make your home unique. Some colours add a sense of playfulness (think yellows and oranges), while others add a sense of calm (think blues and greens).
  • Have fun with interesting paint techniques. There’s so much more to house painting that one, flat colour. If you’re feeling bold, try out one of our unique paint techniques, click here to view the article.

Get Help with Interior Painting

If your home is in need of a refresh, consider getting in touch with professional interior painters in Brisbane. Whether you want one room or your whole house repainted, the team at Kraudelt Painting can help. Call today on 07 3829 5735 or fill out the form on this page. You won’t believe the transformation.

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